9/11 Commission Lied, Lied, Lied & Saudi’s Were Involved in 9/11 Terrorism So Why Are They Allies? Answer Below

Comment: Saudi’s take orders from British of British Empire. Bush , Sr. and Bush Jr. represented same British Empire and are TRAITORS to the American People. Same Bush family helped finance Hitler’s rise to power. They represent the Cabal that finances them. It is a Satanic ZIONIST cabal. It is the Satanic ZIONIST cabal that creates all these secret societies, terrorists, NAZI’s etc. This cabal LOVES Pedophiles cuz they collect film/videos on these sick deranged sadistic baby rapers and can always threaten these degenerates if they do not do what they are told to do. This is what you are never told by anyone cuz ALL media is either cabal owned or a limited hangout who doesn’t dare to hang out the total truth. Here’s a typical sold out politician brazenly announcing contact tracing and New World Order!

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