Children’s Health Defense

September 13, 2021TOP NEWS OF THE DAY 
Adolescent Boys at Higher Risk of Hospitalization From Pfizer Vaccine Than From COVID
 Children’s Health Defense Responds to Biden’s ‘Declaration of War Against Unvaccinated’
 Science Doesn’t Support Third Shot, Say Officials Who Left FDA in Spat With Biden Over Boosters
 Harm to Children ‘Irreparable,’ EPA Whistleblower Says​​​​​​
 Fauci Botched the AIDS Epidemic so Big Pharma Could Profit. He’s Doing It Again With COVID.​​​​​​
 Big Tech War Profiteers Raked in $44 Billion During Global War on Terror​​​​​​
 Become a Children’s Health Defender​​​​​​
 Pfizer Vaccine Could Be Authorized for Kids Ages 5 to 11 in October + More​​​​​​
 Hospital Says It Won’t Deliver Babies After Staffers Resigned Over Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate + More​​​​​​

“Hospitals Are Full of People Who Have Been Vaccinated” Says Nurse


Comment: Politicians are destroying our first line of defense: health care workers and emergency responders such as firefighters and police. Politicians are funded into office by the Satanic crime syndicate…Rothschild ZIONISTS part of British Empire!

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