Pentagon Mandates Kill Shots For Military Personnel; They Don’t Care About You!

Pentagon to Mandate Death Shots for Military Personnel

By infostormer -August 23, 20210

The Pentagon is going to mandate the death shots for all military personnel. They are reportedly going to revoke the pensions and benefits of anybody who refuses to take the deadly vaxx.

There is zero benefit to taking the vaxx for military personnel.

These pensions and benefits will likely not even be around for them to use by the time they retire. This system is on borrowed time and is collapsing.

A large segment of the military is not on board with the vaxx agenda. Many people will refuse the vaxx, go AWOL etc..

This is going to destroy military readiness which was already in a highly questionable state to begin with.

Hilariously, John Kirby during his press conference today was claiming that this agenda was important to military readiness and the health of all military personnel. The exact opposite is true like pretty much everything this dumb jackoff says.

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