I’ll Believe This When I See It: Political Puppet Biden CLAIMS We’re Leaving Afghanistan on 9/11/21

Biden Claims We Are Leaving Afghanistan on 9/11/21

By infostormer -April 14, 20214

The senile puppet of Jews Joe Biden has said that American forces will be fully withdrawn from Afghanistan on 9/11/21.

Pretty bizarre that he would use the anniversary date of such a horrific event for a new withdrawal deadline. But there is no reason to believe that forces will be totally withdrawn by then. Four months is a long time and some excuse could be made to leave them there.

If they are actually withdrawn, it is because the Jews around Biden likely want to start a really big war with Russia or China and view Afghanistan as a distraction.

The announcement has made the neocon/neolib people crazy.

These people are just regurgitating the same talking points we’ve heard for 20 years. War in Afghanistan has not made America a safer place. It has been a disaster and has only made more people around the world hate us. But considering who Biden works for, there is no guarantee that a withdrawal is going to happen so I’m not sure why their panties are in such a bunch.

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