Texas VS Biden (State vs Federal Gov’t)

Texas Finally Removes Retarded Mask Mandate

By infostormer -March 2, 20212

The crippled Republican governor of Texas finally announced an end to all the stupid lockdown restrictions along with the retarded mask mandate he put in place.

While I support the move, it is insane that he was stupid enough ever to implement any of this gay shit to begin with. Lockdowns and masks do nothing to stop the spread of a virus. This is a proven and verifiable fact.

How can I as just a person who only looks at this shit part time be able to accurately identify this whole coronavirus thing as a hoax back in March 2020, yet people whose full time job it is to look at this shit thought this was all very real? It’s hard to believe just how stupid and/or corrupt these people are.

But whatever, at least he finally ended this insanity which is a step in the right direction. Now he’ll have to manage all the economic damage he caused to his people with his stupid policies. I wish him lots of luck with that.

Meanwhile Democrats like this spic piece of shit who should be tossed over the border into Central America somewhere wants to wear a mask on his face for the rest of his life

Biden: Lifting Mask Mandates is “Neanderthal Thinking”

Joe Biden the senile usurper and puppet of Jews, claimed the lifting of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi is “neanderthal thinking.”

Actually what is “neanderthal thinking” is making people wear something that doesn’t do shit to stop the spread of a virus that well over 99.9 percent of people survive.

Biden is also encouraging floods of Central Americans to come into the country without being tested for this allegedly deadly virus. Which is just stupid if we are to believe the narrative about this alleged death plague. So that is “neanderthal thinking.”

In fact, if one were to logically analyze the decisions being made by the Jew-controlled Biden regime, one would conclude that it is entirely based around “neanderthal thinking.” It only makes sense when you understand that the Jews who control Biden, are purposefully enacting policies designed to harm Americans. They are against any policy that does not harm Americans.


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