Schiller Institute: LaRouchePac No Longer Represents Them

Comment: Although I do agree with Barbara Boyd About China’s Social Credit System which to me is Communism I also don’t Like Trump. I think he has the mentality of a thief ….like “We Should’ve Taken Their Oil” talking About Middle Eastern Country Libya…It’s Not our oil that is STEALING. I have heard he has stolen from others as well. He gave trillionaires no taxes for life while taxing the poorest extra’s and minimum wage jobs. Elitest and Globalist/ZIONIST to the max.

I also do not agree this FIRST wave of Covid virus is a threat any more than I see flu as a threat. It is a giant HOAX-an unsuccessful bioweapon developed in a Wuhan lab by Dr. Fauci’s $3.4 million funding. Dr. Fauci or Fraudchi stands to be a billionaire with these vaccines so of course he is promoting them as he lines his pocket. I see no mention of this by either Helga Zepp’s group nor LaRouchePac sadly.

I also feel that the U.S. Media has so corrupted the minds of the American public that no one can speak the complete truth and get donations so all in the end are corrupted.

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