Helga Zepp Gets It Right On Russia; Truth is A Crime Cabal Owns Our Media & Their Media is a Lie Factory-Pictured Christian Church in Russia

Comment: Our Satanic Rothschild Mafia & Their Partner Rupert Murdoch own our lie factory aka Media. They only exist to con Americans into invading and occupying other countries so this Satanic crime cabal can Steal, Steal, Steal. The Crime Cabal’s wet dream is to get Christian America and Christian Russia into WW3 so the Christians in both nations can wipe each other out. They want to include Christian Europe as well. The Satanic Rothschilds/British Empire figure this way they don’t have to pay the promised pensions to these 1st world peoples and can cut the Medicare, Medcaid & Social Security as the dead will not collect. Then these criminals can easily control the World as their main opposition-Christians-will all be dead.

They succeeded in almost eradicating Christianity in Japan bombing the very most Christian cities: Hiroshima & Nagasaki during WW2 and Dresden, Germany as well.

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