Ukrainian Soldier Surrenders to Russia & Is Happily Becoming a Russian Citizen!

Ukrainian soldier’s mother brought him to surrender to Russia

 20.06.2022 17:25


In Kherson, a mother brought her son, a conscript soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Stanislav Kovalchuk, to surrender to the Russian army. The column of a soldier was defeated by the RF Armed Forces back in February. The mother explained her action by the fact that the Russian soldiers would ensure the safety of her son, unlike the escaped commanders of Stanislav.

Ukrainian soldier's mother brought him to surrender to Russia

“On the very first day of the special operation, no one needed him. <…> The commanders themselves ran away, and the children were left just to die. They say that Russia is evil, but the real evil is when our children are told to die, not to surrender,” TASS quotes the words of the mother.

She added that they made the decision to surrender together with their son. According to Stanislav, who is a radiotelephonist, during the one and a half months of training to serve in the reconnaissance battalion of the Marine Corps, they were not taught any combat techniques, they only “just built and cleaned.”

After the RF Armed Forces defeated his convoy, he was hiding at his parent’s house.

“I want to stay here, in no case do I want to return to the other side. I want to study, work. One of my goals now is to obtain Russian citizenship,” Kovalchuk added.

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