No More Masks!!! Coronavirus Fraud Flyer; Time to Remove Masks! Enough is Enough!

Anti-Mask Protesters Descend on Los Angeles Shopping Mall

By infostormer -January 5, 20211

A sizable anti-mask protest was held at a Los Angeles shopping mall the other day. It was good to see a group of people cause a scene and expose all these mask edicts as being part of a gigantic hoax.

There were several confrontations but nobody was arrested. The LAPD didn’t give a shit and just let the protesters do there thing.

The problem is that there are so many brainwashed people out there who think this is all real and literally believe that someone not wearing a mask is a threat to their health and safety. They actually believe the virus propaganda and will lash out angrily at people who refuse to go along with it.

I’ve personally been kicked out of a gym I went to for many years for refusing to go along with this mask bullshit and have gotten into numerous confrontations with people over this issue. And you can see this phenomenon on full display with what happened at this protest. At this point, I just assume that anybody I don’t know is insane until they offer me proof that they are not insane.

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