Stopping a Con Con Otherwise Known as a Constitutional Convention: Rewriting the Constitution & Bill of Rights….No…No…No…No…No!

The Solution to Big Government!

Big government can be suffocating: With unwarranted taxes, fraudulent surveillance, federal laws and regulations, deceitful politicians, outrageous spending, and the dictation of healthcare, education, and the environment, it’s only natural to need to come up for some air. And many start to look at the situation without hope. But you’re not alone in feeling the frustration that nothing you do will make a difference.

We get it. If you’re not seeing results, why continue to work so hard?

Analysis Behind the News

GOP Hypocrisy: A Pretend Vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment

The stink that emanated from the GOP $1.3 trillion spending bill still lingers, and if that wasn’t enough to make you see you’re being played by partisan engineers, then maybe a revealing article from Conservative Review will do it.

We take a look at it and discuss a balanced budget amendment in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.


  1. Watch “What will Balance the Budget?” video and follow the suggestions at the end.
  2. Order copies of “The Freedom Index” and print “Senator Paul Exposes Contents of ‘Terrible, Rotten’ Omnibus” from The New American.
  3. Join The John Birch Society ‘s concerted action program!

Help Wake Up America!

With Operation Book Blast

Deep State globalists are banking on Americans surrendering their sovereignty through regional trade agreements such as NAFTA, TPP, TTIP, and TISA.

Let’s not let that happen! It’s time to wake America up! Education is the key.

Our Operation Book Blast provides you with the opportunity to educate others with “International Merger by Foreign Entanglements.”


  1. Educate America with us!
  2. Read Communist Dictatorship Urges U.S. to Join TPP “Trade” Regime.
  3. And if you haven’t yet, download, rate, and review the Kindle edition of International Merger by Foreign Entanglements.

Mississippi & Hawaii Victory!

Article V Con-Con Resolutions Dead!

Seven resolutions calling for an Article V Convention are now all dead in Mississippi!

And most recently we achieved another victory in Hawaii!

Let’s not stop our progress with Mississippi and Hawaii though, the U.S. Constitution still needs to be preserved! Similar attacks on the Constitution attacks on the Constitution with Article V convention applications are in several other states.


  1. Learn more by reading The New American article, “Mississippi Senate Kills Dangerous Con-Con Proposal.”
  2. If you’re not yet part of the fight,contact your JBS coordinatortoday!
  3. Continue educating with our “Is a Constitutional Convention a Bad Idea?” video.

Straight Talk

Will Students Lead an Anti-Gun Revolution? 

At the recent supposedly student-led March for Our Lives rally, anti-Second Amendment school shooting survivors promote “revolution” and disarming the American people.


  1. Contact Congress and tell them to oppose the Assault Weapons Ban.
  2. Read Republics & Democraciesbooklet by Robert Welch.
  3. Download the eBook Republics & Democracies by Robert Welch.

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