Bitcoin Prepping to Go Over $40,000

Fundstrat Strategist Says Bitcoin Can Go to $40K in 2021 … Strategist Says Bitcoin Can Goto $40K in 2021, Tom Lee Thinks Much Higher. David Grider, Director of Digital Asset Strategy at Fundstrat Global Advisors, has raised his six to twelve month price target for Bitcointo $40,000. However, Tom Lee expects the Bitcoin price to be much higher than that in 2021.

Comment: The Central Banks around the world are making our money worthless. It is like a tax on your pay by making you work harder and longer and your pay buys less and less. Please folks for your own survival find a cryptocurrency exchange and invest whatever you can in almost any crypto coins. 99% of them will go up. Even the ones that have been stagnant such as Yearn.Finance have gone up 39% overnight and Stellar Lumens has had a huge upshoot! All can profit. Our politicians have not reigned in our Rothschild ZIONIST central banks who have rigged our banks and currencies to COLLAPSE! Save yourselves. Stockpile food, water with a water barrel, toiletries and whatever you may need. Become an activist and band with others. Time is short and hunger may be long.

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