Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Murdered After Zionist Pompeo’s Meeting With Zionist Puppets the Saudi’s

Jews Assassinate Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist

By infostormer -November 29, 20200

Israel recently decided to assassinate a top Iranian nuclear scientist following some big meeting with the Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo and the Saudi government.

I don’t think this was a very nice thing to do. Personally, I think the Jews should apologize for this.

Unfortunately, I somehow doubt the Jews will apologize. They are clearly engaging in increasingly more provocative acts believing that the United States will fire up their war machine to advance their interests once Joe Biden takes over. This assassination and the recent attacks on Syria clearly indicate this.

Despite Donald Trump’s flaws, he managed to avoid getting the United States dragged into any new conflicts on behalf of Israel. His support of Israel while difficult to stomach at times was largely symbolic in nature.

This will change drastically if Biden assumes office. His entire cabinet is going to be filled with warmongering Jews and they will have no problem waging war in Syria over some bullshit the Jews whine about.

UNTV: Ito Ang Balita | December 3, 2020 UNTV News and Rescue • 29K views 1:08:13 (


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