Gov’t That Has Turned On & Eats Its Own

Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund: 12/4 Sarah DeValkenaere IRIS

Defend Detective Eric DeValkenaere!

Kansas City Detective Eric DeValkenaere is a hero. 

Eric had a split-second to react when the suspect pointed a gun directly at Eric’s fellow detective. 

Not only did he defend his life and the life of his partner, but he also saved lives of the suspects ex-girlfriend and two kids from untold danger. 

And after serving the community for over 20 years and saving countless innocent lives that day, it’s absolutely ridiculous that Eric was charged. 

That’s why we’re raising the funds to help him pay for the best legal defense possible so he’s not wrongly convicted. 

If he’s convicted, he’ll be ripped away from his wife and three young children to spend years in prison. 

Will you chip into our Police Defense Fund to help him avoid being unjustly convicted?

Thank you in advance for your generous support. 

Support Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund — Anedot

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