Judge Kevin Elsenheimer: Maintain preserve and protect all records in its possession used to tabulate votes in Antrim County

05 DECEMBER, 2020 / 10:04CST

A Circuit Court Judge in Antrim County, Michigan has paved the way for the first forensic examination in The United States of the controversial Dominion voting machines and its software related to the contested 2020 election results. The judge has issued a restraining order to protect all Dominion voting machines and software from being wiped or changed in any way pending an examination.

The Ex-Parte ruling issued Friday December 4, 2020 comes amid threats from Dominion of lawsuits against Antrim County and its 22 townships for violating its contracts with The State of Michigan. Those contracts forbid access to the Dominion tabulation machines or the software and algorithms that run elections.javascript:window[“$iceContent”]

In Judge Kevin Elsenheimer’s 5-page ruling he orders Antrim County to “maintain preserve and protect all records in its possession used to tabulate votes in Antrim County.”

The focus on Antrim County began late on Election Night when the county posted its unofficial results and showed former Vice President Joe Biden winning by huge margins in the historically very red county. So far beyond belief were the results, it raised alarms across Michigan and the nation about the integrity of the vote. The vote tallies were pulled down from the county website on November 4th and eventually the blame was laid at the feet of Township Clerk, Cheryl Guy.

“That is not the case and she is the fall guy because I think she is terrified of what is happening,’ said Matt DePerno the attorney representing Bill Bailey who sued Antrim County for access to the Dominion tabulators and all the associated records.javascript:window[“$iceContent”]


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Cheryl Guy originally told me in the days following the election that there was no way for human error to occur with what she did with the voting machines, Dominion software or the results of the election. However, in the days that followed she changed her story under tremendous pressure from others in the county and at the state level as well.

Under a 161-page master contract signed in 2017 between The State of Michigan and Dominion, no one is allowed to access, analyze or review the software provided for elections. Everyone is required to have blind faith in Dominion to do business with them.

The state then told various counties they had to buy Dominion equipment but when objections were made to the price involved the State of Michigan intervened again. The counties were told to apply for the Help America Vote Act Grant application and they would get the funding that way. By doing so each County was legally bound by an incorporation by reference provision to not allow any access to the Dominion machines or any of its software.


Each machine sold to Antrim County came with a hefty price tag of $7,217.15. So, with about two dozen machines needed that meant spending nearly $200,000 for the equipment. It was just not possible without the grant money.

By contract the State of Michigan agreed to be completely in the dark about how the Dominion machines worked, how elections were handled or how any of the results were achieved. The state then forced counties to do the same.

But Antrim County raised a bright red flag in the middle of all of it and attracted far too much attention. President Donald Trump won Antrim County by huge margins in 2016 and nobody believed Joe Biden would take anywhere near 70% of the vote in 2020. As it turns out he didn’t.

DePerno says, “There is no question about it from what I have seen so far the fix was in- not at the township level but on a much bigger scale and that’s why we must have a forensic image of these machines and specifically the Dominion software.” He went even further by adding, “They pushed the algorithm too high and instead of shaving and saving votes within believable reason it became too obvious. They made a mistake.”

When the forensic exam of the machines will take place is still up in the air and other county officials are scrambling to determine what can be done because of fear of lawsuits and legal action from Dominion.

This piece was written by Steve Gruber on December 5, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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