Massive Democratic Voting Fraud in Michigan Proven: Trump Wins!

Comment: All this election rigging is done by ZIONIST Mafia who Control EU and have looted South America for decades Under CIA control.

Comment: Facebook (Fuckerberg) is under CIA control. I am quite sure Twitter and is under CIA control too. CIA is nothing but a part of the Zionist “Jewish” Mafia involved in hard core drug running (cocaine and heroin) as well as running child pornography rings, sex trafficking, kidnapping children, child snuff pornography, illegal gun running and arms trading, etc.

CIA=Criminals International Agency

A post on Science Blogs describes another example where this happened:

So let’s recap what we have here. We have a group of rabid antivaccine activists intentionally going through Facebook with a fine tooth comb to locate anything that they think they can report to Facebook that might get a temporary ban, and then they report it. It doesn’t matter how tenuous that “dirt” is. We have service (Facebook) with a system for dealing with hate speech and online harassment that is easily gamed to harass people, an observation that is ironic in the extreme, so much so that it would be amusing if it weren’t so destructive. Facebook’s reporting algorithm is now a tool of harassment, such that it can be used again and again to keep pro-science advocates banned and continually on their guard. Finally, Facebook’s double standard is so incredible that many complaints about things that should be complained about and should result in a ban result in no action. I personally have complained about harassing posts about myself and others, and each and every time I’ve received a notice that the post “does not violate Facebook community standards.” I’ve heard similar stories from several others.

Comment: CIA trolls get away with harrassing people as CIA controls Facebook and Fuckerberg.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook claimed that all us users are the “Facebook Dumb fucks” for giving him our personal information.

For most of us, our experience on Facebook is a benign – even banal – one. […] And while most are harmless, it has recently come to light that the site is brimming with paedophilia, pornography, racism and violence – all moderated by outsourced, poorly vetted workers in third world countries paid just $1 an hour.

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