Thousands of Cars Line Up For Food

Texas: Thousands of Cars Line Up for Food

By infostormer -November 17, 20200

If anybody thinks the economy is getting better, just take a look at these lines of cars in Dallas, Texas. Thousands of cars waited in line for hours to get free food.

This is not the result of a virus. This is the result of decisions made by state governors to lockdown their state economies. Even now, state governors are announcing new restrictions. These measures have devastated small businesses and put millions of people out of work.

And this was all done for what? Because of a virus that has around a 99.99 percent survivability rate?

Clearly, the cure proposed was worse than the virus itself. I was saying this when they first started locking things down and I was proven right. Not because I’m some sort of genius, but because it is basic common sense.

It’s absolutely crazy that this was allowed to happen and we haven’t even seen the real economic fallout yet.

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