Jews (Ashkenazi Jews or Zionists) Who Run US Foreign Policy ARE the Swamp! AKA Khazars

Jews Who Run US Foreign Policy ARE the Swamp

by TUT editor


Joseph E. Davis, Ambassador to Stalin’s Soviet Union in 1941 said:

“There were no 5th columns in Russia in 1941 – they have all been shot. The purges had cleansed the country & rid it of treason. The Axis 5th column in the Soviet Union had been smashed.”

He was talking about Jewish influence in Russia. What the Ashkenazi Jews tried to do in Russia and failed is what they are trying to do in the U.S.A.

Late Professor Revilo Oliver from the University of Illinois stated it as follows:

“The Jews tried to take communism as their mantra for world domination and failed. They are now trying to do the same with Democracy.” CONTINUE READING

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