Covid Not the Problem; Out of Control Gov’t IS!

Comment: Who Runs this show? Zionists!

Michigan’s Jew Dyke AG Threatens People Exposing Election Fraud

By infostormer -November 24, 20200

The Jewish dyke cunt Dana Nessel who is Michigan’s attorney general is literally threatening people who are exposing election fraud by telling them that false claims of criminal activity is a crime.

She is doing this while ignoring the many documented cases of voter fraud that took place in Wayne County. Voter fraud is a far more serious crime than making false claims, but this kike doesn’t give a shit about that. All she cares about is ensuring that the Jewish puppet Joe Biden is able to steal the presidency from Donald Trump.

We all saw Republican observers being blocked from viewing the vote counting in Wayne County. We also saw statistically impossible vote tallies being added to Joe Biden’s vote totals that were statistically impossible. All of this activity was illegal, so these claims of voter fraud are not being made up.

This bitch is why Jews need to be thrown out of the country. All they do is lie and subvert.

They’re nothing but rats and parasites.

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