Corrupted Gov’t VS the People

New York: Marxist Health Inspectors Thrown Out of Gym

By infostormer -November 24, 20200

It looks as if some people are getting fed up with all of these insane coronavirus restrictions. A group of business owners who were meeting at a Buffalo, New York gym to figure out a plan to deal with all these coronavirus restrictions, were given a visit from the health department with some goons from the sheriff’s department. They paid them a visit despite the gym being closed. Insanely enough, one of the goons was speaking in a British accent telling them some bullshit about the law. The thing is, they did not have a warrant so they were the one’s violating the law. As a result of this, they crowd of people were able to make them leave the premises.

The encounter which took place last Friday was caught on video. The footage went viral on social media and got coverage on the local television stations.

This coronavirus hoax is clearly part of an agenda to destroy small businesses. We are at a point where many of them can no longer afford to go along with all of these insane restrictions.

Small businesses should ignore these unconstitutional and illegal edicts and operate normally. They will receive the support of the people if they do so. People are going to prefer to do business with them than all the big box chains and stores which are going totally insane with coronavirus lunacy.

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