Zionist Rothschild ‘Jews’ Including Zionist Media Mogul Murdock [Rothschild Personal Friend & Business Partner] Behind Massive Attacks on Trump

Why Donald Trump is dangerous for Israel

by TUT editor

In weakening America’s role on the world stage, the President is diminishing the strategic asset that is Israel’s alliance with the US

ed note–by all means, all those out there making up the tweeker brigade within the 911 trooth muuvmnt who remain stuck in 1st gear when it comes to understanding the more complicated and convoluted political antics taking place between Trump and Judea, Inc these days–pay no mind whatsoever to glaringly important OpEd pieces such as this appearing–not in some little berg in upstate New York full of liberal American Jews, but–in Israel.

Please note what has our unesteemed Hebraic author’s panties in a pinch–

1. Trump is abandoning ‘internationalist’ institutions in favor of American sovereignty

2. Trump is weakening America’s role as an ‘enlightened hegemon’, his words verbatim.

In other words, all the work that Judea, Inc has invested in turning America into Israel’s Golem with the task of prowling about the world and threatening other nations with military/economic Armageddon who run afoul of Jewry’s demands is going up in smoke as a result of Trump’s America First policy.

But hey, as we said, pay no mind to all of this. Instead, be obedient little drones and focus instead on the superficial things that predominate within ‘troother’ discussions such as Trump’s ‘jooish’ daughter and the fact that his original family name was ‘Drumpf’.

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