Ritualistic Sexual Abuse…Listen Closely (The Soul Harvesters & Effect on Soul Energy)

Breaking the soul of the person gives the handler/programmer control of the person.

The Etheric Body (simonheather.co.uk)

If a person is unwell their etheric body will be depleted and they will have a very thin
etheric layer around their physical body. Their etheric body may even have holes in it.
Shamans believe that once the etheric body is weakened negative energies (intrusions)
can get into physical body. For more information on this subject please see my book
‘Shamanic Healing’.
Any debility or congestion in the etheric body will immediately be reflected in the
physical body. Good health requires the free and unimpeded flow of energy between
the etheric and physical bodies.
When we receive healing, acupuncture, sound healing or Reiki, its primary impact
will be on the etheric body. Healing therapies help the etheric body to function more
effectively. Prayers and intention, also positively impact on the health and vitality of
the etheric body.
The etheric body is the vehicle of energy (prana) and during healing energy will be
transferred from the healthy person to the ailing one. The more energy the sick
person’s etheric body can absorb the quicker will be their recovery.

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