The Few Control the Many Because the Many Let Them

Time For the Masses to Boycott DELTA!

Delta Bans Hundreds of Passengers for Not Wearing Mask

By infostormer -October 28, 20200

Delta has made the decision to ban passengers for not wearing a mask. They’ve already banned hundreds of people.

So basically what they’re doing is treating people who refuse to wear a mask like they’re terrorists. They are putting these people on “no-fly” lists which is what the government did to people believed to be terrorists or whatever.

Even ABC News made the connection.

The whole situation is utterly absurd. Wearing a paper cloth over your face does nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The coronavirus is also no more deadly than the flu so these measures are worthless. All they are doing is making normal social interactions impossible and driving everyone insane. It is pointless virtue signaling and theater.

Hopefully all these airliners go bankrupt. Even before the virus hoax, they treated their passengers like shit. They’d nickel and dime people for every little thing imaginable while offering lousy service.

I can’t believe that their businesses will remain viable if they continue to force people to wear masks. A large segment of the population just won’t fly until these requirements are lifted.

It is very possible that some of these major airline companies will fold just like we’ve seen with the cruise ship and movie theater businesses.

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