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Bus Industry Furloughs 80,000 Employees Over CoronaVirus Hoax

Bus Industry Furloughs 80,000 Employees

By infostormer -October 25, 20200

The bus industry has become another casualty of the coronavirus hoax and subsequent government lockdowns. 80,000 workers in the industry are being furloughed and their jobs are not coming back.

There are some people actually saying that the bus industry should be bailed out with taxpayer funds. This is obviously nuts. This industry is unviable in the midst of the virus hysteria that has been created by people in the media and in government.

Most people will fit into one of two categories. They’ll either be afraid to take a bus for fear that they’ll die or they won’t want to deal with the dumbass virus restrictions with social distancing, masks etc.. that will be required to board a bus.

The bus industry is doomed. In fact, public transportation is going to be transformed forever because of this stupid virus hoax.

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