JudenPress’s Rude Jew Stahl Doesn’t Fact Check And Tells LIES; No Wonder French Hate New Yorkers

Trump Releases Interview With Rude 60 Minutes Jew Lesley Stahl

By infostormer -October 22, 20204

The Jewish media was claiming that Donald Trump was a bad orange man because he refused to finish an interview with the lying Jewish hag Lesley Stahl from 60 Minutes. As a result, he decided to release video of the full interview prior to it airing on 60 Minutes.

I just finished watching it.

It shows the Jew Stahl being aggressively rude with Trump throughout the interview. Trump was perfectly justified in ending it early.

The characterization of the interview by the Jewish New York Times is a total lie. Stahl was not calmly asking him questions.

Stahl repeatedly lied throughout the interview during her aggressive questioning. Stahl claimed that the Russia hoax coup was not a hoax even though it has been fully proven to be a hoax. She also denied that there is any scandal surrounding Joe Biden and his son’s laptop. Bill O’Reilly even noted how absurd this was.https://platform.twitter.com

Jews on Twitter are focusing in on Trump using two hands to hold a glass of water at one point during the interview.

I think Trump may have done that intentionally because he knew it would cause these people to go crazy about it. Even if he didn’t, who cares? If he had a major health problem that prevented him from fulfilling his presidential duties, they would have found it while he was in the hospital a few weeks back.

CBS News responded by releasing a statement claiming that they are a fair an unbiased news operation lol.

I’m glad Trump released this interview before 60 Minutes had an opportunity to air it.

This whole situation proves once again why we need to purge all Jews from the media. They are a cancer on our society and incapable of telling the truth about anything.

Comment: Alabama loves Trump post Hurricane Sally. He did an outstanding job making sure electrical contractors were there pronto and got the city up and running very fast.

Leslie Stahl is not concerned with reporting the news. She is fighting to save her big paying job that she will eventually lose if she can’t convince the public her lies are truths and get them to believe in a false narrative leading the U.S. into WW3 which the globalists who pay her paycheck make money off of while we all die. She is just a minion of the globalists motivated by GREED. After watching this interview looks like Leslie Stahl’s career is plummeting down anyways.


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