Taxing Americans Benefits the Zionist 1% Only As They Get All the Gov’t Contracts, Wars They Want, Etc. The Higher the Taxes the Greater the Corruption!

Rapper 50 Cent Endorses Trump After Seeing Biden Tax Plan

By infostormer -October 19, 20201

Rapper 50 Cent took to Twitter to endorse Donald Trump after learning about Joe Biden’s tax plan.

The funniest part about the tweet is him saying that he didn’t care if Trump hated black people.

But he’s right about Biden’s tax plan. It is totally insane. He wants to take everybody’s money and tax people to oblivion.

Jews have gotten so used to blacks doing what they want that they don’t know how to react when one of them goes off the plantation.

There’s actually a good chance that Trump will enjoy record black support for a Republican this election. Especially considering that Biden’s running mate is a fake black person, and a whore cop.

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