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Tulum is like Burning Man but with way better bars and restaurants and a bit of internet (instead of no internet) – Jeff Berwick

Man, the internet connection in Tulum is BAD. Amazing place for hippy travelers and retirees, not so good for anyone who needs to be digitally-abled.
However, the past two days in Tulum was enough time to realize that Lucy and I still prefer, a thousand times over, to live anywhere in Mexico rather than in the Banana Republic of Amerika.
You know you’re living in a Banana Republic when you recognize these qualities:
Highly stratified social classes.Large impoverished working class.Ruling class plutocracy, composed of the business, political, and military elites.Violence.Poverty.Political instability.Nepotism.Single exports such as bananas or minerals…
With the exception of the final characteristic, for now, Amerika has now officially become the same shithole country as Haiti, El Salvador and Africa – those other shithole nations so eloquently described by Trump in 2018.  
The current situation:
1 in 10 Americans are now considering selling their home given the current economic climate.35% of Americans could last less than 1 month off their savings. 48% of Black Americans and 43% of Hispanic Americans could survive less than a month on savings, vs. 33% of White Americans.49% say another stimulus check is “very important” to their finances.42% of Americans could not come up with $500 in cash today.
And beyond the hit to personal savings, the record unemployment rates since March mean that the Social Security fund (which depends on payroll taxes) is taking a hit. What’s more, the CARES Act allows companies to delay Social Security. And while this doesn’t affect current beneficiaries, it highlights the pandemic’s impact on the already increasing Social Security funding deficit.
According to the 2020 annual report of the Social Security Board of Trustees, the surplus in the trust funds that disburse retirement, disability and other Social Security benefits will be depleted by 2035.
On top of that, Amerika’s national debt is set to surpass $78 Trillion by 2028.
Here’s what that means for you. (If you’re American)
Either taxes will have to rise, benefits will have to fall or some other resource must be tapped. The low hanging fruit!
You with the savings, with the house, with the stocks and bonds and the 401(k).
They’re going to come after you.
Not only the government, but also people who are being indoctrinated by movements like Antifa and BLM into believing that everything you have actually belongs to them – to redress the injustices of their enslaved ancestors, 155 YEARS AGO.
Venezuela, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Amerika…
The floodgates have opened in Seattle and there’s no turning back.
Meanwhile, China has celebrated coming out of the Coronavirus almost miraculously  unscathed by throwing a massive water park party in Wuhan – not a mask in sight – but effectively masking its “CLEAN YOUR PLATE” campaign which involves “AgriFoodTech” companies working to “upcycle” food waste and FEED IT BACK TO YOU as other foods.

Watch on: LBRY | Bitchute | Dtube
What will you do when there’s no more money? And no more food?
Help yourself first!
Flight attendants instruct you to “put your oxygen mask on first,” before helping others. This is the first rule for ensuring survival because if you run out of oxygen yourself, you can’t help anyone else.
Help yourself.
Register for Max Wright’s webinar.Join The Dollar Vigilante.Move to Mexico, or Nicaragua, or anywhere where you can grow your own food and defend your home.Buy privacy crypto coins and get off the financial grid.

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