Dave Hodges, Christian Zionist Shill

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Craig Mouldey December 31, 2018 at 1:35 pm

Once again, very disappointing. I was hoping for a fair and honest presentation of the facts and what you call good old fashioned research. What was delivered was so slanted as to be a propaganda piece. Everything you accuse Russia of is in truth what the U.S. is. Russia’s military spending is peanuts compared to that of the military-industrial complex. So, who is really the aggressor? Who has their military in almost 200 countries? Every time Russia sales a few ships through the English Channel it is met with great hysteria and claims of aggression. But it is perfectly normal and peace loving that the U.S. has been moving military equipment into all countries bordering Russia including missile systems and this is not aggression? There is no way Russia is going to start a war with anyone. But they are preparing for war while the maniacal narcissists at the Pentagon and Trump are preparing A war. Russia did not invade Crimea. Most of what is Ukraine was historically part of Russia. Krushev decided illegally to place Crimea in Ukraine in the 1950’s. After the U.S. sponsored coupe in Ukraine Crimea voted almost unanimously to rejoin Russia. Nothing sinister about that. Ukraine has been taken over by U.S supported NAZI’s. It is disgusting. And that you are constantly spinning the truth into a distortion in support of the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire is just as disgusting, I’m sorry to say. Yes, war is coming. Millions will be killed. Entire countries may disappear, including the U.S. But this will not be Russia’s doing. Surely you are well aware of policy papers for A New American Century for example. They have no intention of letting any country to be independent and successful. America only has war and death. Russia is busy developing it’s country and trade partnerships such as One Belt, One Road. They won’t need all these ports you speak of. The disgusting blood soaked beast, the U.S. will have none of this, so likely nuclear war it shall be.

Above is a Comment on Dave Hodge’s Propaganda piece for the Zionist/Khazar Mafia:


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