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Must Listen to Mel Gibson at Two Hours….12 Minutes…Real Creepy, Cold Hollywood..Chris Walkens Sadistic Creep Enjoys Torture Scenarios-Cabal Puppet

Comment: My read out on the Ultra Creepy Chris Walkens is that he likes to sadistically torture young teenage boys and to rape them. I can’t prove this but it is my gut feeling. He is a sexual sadist in my mind and they keep progressing until they end up torturing someone or many to death. This is an incurable sickness. The only protection others have from Sexual Sadists is to Lock Them Up! Like I stated this is my gut feeling and I can’t prove it. WHISTLEBLOWERS come Forward!

“”Walken is definitely a child molester rapist who uses drugs to molest boys who stood by while Natalie was drowning in the ocean after Robert pushed her in the water saying to the boat boy “you want my wife boy! Go get her!” then laughed as they both stood by watching her drown leaving the 16 year old boat boy to try and save her”


See the source image
Creepiest Actor Alive. Satan Himself.

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