Very Interesting Opinion From Jeanice Barcelo; Is it Coronavirus or Could it Really Be 5G-We Don’t Know

Friends – I hope you will consider reading my most recent article about the alleged “coronavirus” in China, which I believe is not a virus at all, but rather a response to the 5G rollout in Wuhan.  I think what we are witnessing right now is the first wave of illness and death from this genocidal radiation assault.  Please do read and share. Thanks.

Here’s a comment I made on a youtube video the other day that is being censored…
Since 5G frequencies are known to negatively effect the absorption of oxygen in the cells and the body (see here and here;
and since all of the symptoms they are reporting are also listed as the very same symptoms associated with “microwave sickness” (i.e., radiation illness which can be induced from exposure to all wireless devices, including 4G devices — see here;
and since “the flu” and microwave illness share many of the same symptoms (see here:;
and since “the flu” has been shown to NOT be the result of a “virus” but rather an electrically-induced disease (see Arthur Firstenberg’s book, “The Invisible Rainbow”);
it is a fair estimation to assume that wherever 5G is being rolled out, people are going to rapidly become deathly ill. Wake up people. The entire wireless grid is designed to destroy us. They will blame these radiation-induced illnesses on a variety of things, but one thing they will not do is tell you that your devices and your entire wireless society are the problem. You have to figure this out on your own.
Please see my website: and my book: for more info.

People wearing masks is obviously not going to protect them from radiation-induced illnesses. Avoidance of radiation and/or radiation-shielded clothing are the only things that work.

Excerpt from the article:

Dear friends – alot of information has been circulating around the internet today regarding the alleged Chinese “coronavirus.”  Alarmist headlines abound such as this one from Alex Jones’ Infowars:

“Computer Models Show 183 Million Infected by Coronavirus February 29”

Top names in the health movement are scrambling to write articles (see here and here) about what we all need to do to protect ourselves from this impending, life-threatening “virus”, so it seems that now would be an excellent time to take a few steps back to see if we can determine what is really going on here.

I strongly suspect that what is actually occurring in China is not related to any virus, but rather, to radiation-induced illnesses being brought on by the 5G rollout now being streamlined in Wuhan.

The mainstream media and the powers-that-shouldn’t-be will never tell us this.  Instead, they will babble on about “viruses” and present us with bogus ideas about “climate change” so that nobody will ever suspect that the warming of our planet is likely due to radiation heat from increased cell tower density and wireless devices, or that any epidemics we experience over the next 5-15 years are absolutely going to be related to radiation poisoning from exposure to increasing densities of noxious, non-ionizing radiation.

Let’s begin at the beginning…..

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