FEMA Floating Jail Arrives in Hawaii-NWO Under UN/NATO/ Homeland Security (or Homeland Insecurity)




investigating femas mass graves in houston texas




new executive order 13438 you have no rights

Cameron Scott



[Deleted video]




Believe or Dont Believe this video will make you think – million FEMA Coffins – Why.flv





Real Footage of FEMA Coffins & all the Latest Information!









Believe it or not. The FEMA coffins are a Preparation for something Big.  (MUST SEE)





FEMA CDC coffins Madison, GA August 30, 2009




[Deleted video]




Camp FEMA (clip) – Getting the camps ready




[Deleted video]




Naomi Wolf: ‘Obama can lock any US citizen up without trial’




Steps to Avoid Interment Camps

Republic Broadcasting

Believe it or not. The FEMA coffins are a Preparation for something Big.


Published on Dec 6, 2008

PROOF these are coffins. http://www.polyguardvaults.com/index…. ARE COFFINS PLEASE LOOK AT THIS LINK THEY ARE COFFINS! I urge everyone to copy this video as well as my others and paste them on your page. People want to discredit this…That’s truly sad, The Jews never saw it coming and neither will we. Remember History repeats itself… Copy this video using keep vids! This needs to be seen! people need to wake up! A field of thousands maybe a million plastic coffins spread out over a 10 mile radius, you can see it from Google Earth!? are you kidding me? what will it take… THIS IS CHILLING TO THE BONE, PEOPLE WANTED MORE PROOF THAT SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT. WHEN I FOUND A FEMA TRAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND TAPED IT, THE LIGHTING WAS TO DARK AND MANY PEOPLE WANTED MORE HARD PROOF THEN THAT… Well I am sorry but here it is…This was taken by a very very brave man, I need more men like him Something Big is about to happen, these coffins are in every state, there must be millions of them, I have heard twice as many as this are in Alaska as well as a massive Camp that can fit twice the pop of Alaska. Some side info, recently I has arrested with false charges, and jailed… In jail I gave away my first tray to a fellow inmate, he became sick to death and not seen again.. I did not eat or drink anything for about a week, I survived on 2 other inmates that were locked up for under unusual circumstances like me, If not for them I would have passed out from dehydration, something that was a constant problem since we were locked inside a oven pretty much… The water was unclean in my cell and that’s a understatement I was released after paying a outrageous bail which is forcing my family into poverty, If not for my lawyer and my father who have a lot of power and staked there career on me I would still be in there… They are also heroes…My poor father has gone through hell ever since…. I feel that I may not be around as long as I like but I will never stop fighting the NWO, Im under so much pressure right now I truly wish this were a dream…If I loose my account please reach me…Also please unit with us now we need to take a stand and fight the evil running this world… look at my other videos for more proof we are SO low on time… I fear another attack will come very soon maybe even as soon as 8/8/08… They love to attack on key numbers and symbols. Don’t take my word for it look at 9/11 7/7 they are not random numbers I was right! 8/8/08 a Massive attack between Russia and Georgia(Our Allies) has started look to the latest Videos I posted and prepare for WW3 This is the beginning of something MASSIVE, All roads lead to Rome as they say… We need to stop our leaders NOW! or risk losing your way of life and your life all together. I do not like it when I’m right like this… IF you truly want to fight this, join the EDF our site is being built as we speak but we need more support and funding, we need more people awake to help us… I will try to post more videos shortly while I still can one of my emails you can reach me at is Nightfallworkshop@msn.com Tho I get many many emails a day I do reply to all if I am taken down please email that account Think about this please…. This world is dying, We are destroying it at a alarming rate. Even if you wish to believe we are wrong, please join with us regardless to make this a better world. Our goal isn’t only to fight the evil on this planet but to clean it up as well. The world as we know it will not be the same one we give to our grand kids, CAN ANYONE TRULY DISAGREE WITH THAT?! For any fools that want to leave neg. comments take that somewhere else. This channel is meant to help Earth and Defend it not waste precious time. If you can watch all 200 videos I have posted in the last month or so and say nothing is wrong then you need help. You really do, It would be impossible for us to be wrong on all levels. SO please watch these videos while they remain up before youtube is policed and come to terms with how ugly the world is and help us. Over a billion people are dying of starvation, how long do you think it will be before its a billion and one, you being the next man or women to be in that position. The other videos on here are far more important for you to watch, years of work at your finger tips, please wake up people… 33°33’57.36″N 83°29’6.26″W ^ Google Earth coordinates.


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