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ACH (1163) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Iran But Were Afraid To Ask…by achitchcock

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 8 2020, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, for a show entitled, “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Iran But Were Afraid To Ask…”

We discussed: the nature of mainstream journalism that we are getting these days; the Iranian joint naval exercises taking place with Russia and China this Friday; the USAF base at Al-Udeid*; social media’s censorship of anti-war sentiments; why it has been historically impossible to audit the Pentagon; the decrepit condition of the U.S. Military; the likelihood of America using nuclear weapons against Iran; how Iran have been digging in and waiting for an American attack for many years; the possibilities of America initiating a draft enlisting American People to fight Iran; why the assassination of Qasem Soleimani was a war crime; how Iran is a First World Country; and many other topics.

*Sorry, I misspoke as to the location of the USAF base at Al-Udeid. This is, of course, in Qatar, not Oman. However, Oman is also an ally of Iran, not seeing her as a threat at all, unlike the Saudis. Both countries host American military personnel and both will not cooperate with American aggression in the area – Matthew Raphael Johnson.

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Click Here For Matt’s Websiteachitchcock | January 8, 2020 at 3:3

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