Impeachment Democrats-A Note

Try calling Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana or Sheila Jackson of TX. These screaming Impeachers won’t even take your calls. If you don’t believe me call their numbers and ask for them and ask for Nancy Pelosi too LOL

202-224-3121 and ask for them by name.

They are funded by the nameless men in suits giving them cash under the table aka Deep State.

Rep. Sylvie Garcia TX

All Political Prostitutes.

Rep. Madeleine Dean prostitute

These are all political prostitutes that are NOT for democracy but for MOB rule.

Rep. Jim Langevin of Rhode Island another political whore. (Wouldn’t be surprised if he were a little boy lover.)

Allegedly Schiff is a little boy lover and he is SCREAMING for impeachment.

Rep. Mark Pocan….another political prostitute lying about Ukraine. Eastern Ukrainians are overwhelmingly Russians and like Russia. Russia has had a base in Crimea for a long time. He lies and relies on the ignorance of the Public to get away with his lies.

Rep. Daniel Kildee of Michigan

Rep. Suzanne Delbene Washington

Greedy Al Green, Demonrat From Texas

Greedy Al Green, Political Prostitute Democrat Strikes ……

Green, who is deranged about this subject but always appreciates an opportunity to make money, rushed to impeach Trump five months into his presidency, wildly and falsely asserting that the Constitution requires no crime for impeachment. Rather, according to Greedy Al

What is at stake?

WW3 in short. President Trump wants to normalize relations with Russia and do Infrastructure with China. This is the only SANE approach. The Impeachment Rats will bring Pence in and move us into WW3 with Russia & China. Does ANYONE want WW3? The Jewish Mafia that runs and funds our Congress DOES! The wonderful alternative follows:



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Press Release: US McCarthyite Attack on China is an Attack On President Trump

U.S.-China Good Relationship Is a Strategic Necessity 

Introduction: Looking At China: The Secret of China’s Success Model 

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

China and the United States

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 10, 1997 webcast in Washington, D.C.

‘Belt & Road’ Charts New Direction

The McCarthyite Assault on China Must Be Stopped

by Mike Billington

Falun Gong: Neocons’ Cult Weapon Against China and Trump

by Stan Ezrol

The World Looks to the Belt and Road Initiative: If China Can Do It, Why Not We?

Will China’s Belt and Road Policy Return the American System to the United States? 

by Dennis Speed

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