Impeachment or Fall of House of Windsor

Impeachment Coup or the Fall of the House of Windsor? The LaRouche Factor in Winning the VictoryDennis Speed — LaRouchePAC, New York CityMichael Steger — LaRouchePAC CaliforniaLaRouchePAC Fireside ChatThursday, November 21, 2019 • 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT)Call 712-770-5505 access code 536662#Or listen livestream on LaRouchePAC.comMembers of the House of Representatives will be returning to their districts over this weekend. It is critical that they be deluged with constituents who understand the stakes of this impeachment march. As Attorney General William Barr said last Friday, the nation is experiencing an insurrection, which undermines and delegitimizes the President, creates a Congress akin to the British Parliament, and has a judiciary far outside its Constitutional lane and ruling arbitrarily. This result has been created from abroad, by the British oligarchy, in order to destroy the Republic which they have opposed and sought to subjugate perennially. They do that by controlling public opinion and creating synthetic political movements. So it is with the Democratic Party, which has been changed from that of FDR and John Kennedy to a rabid formation imitating the worst characteristics of the Democratic Party of Athens, the murderers of Socrates.The House, particularly those in the 31 vulnerable districts must be told that they proceed with impeachment at their complete electoral peril. More fundamentally, they must be told to cut the crap about war with Russia. Nancy Pelosi again resurrected this as her major theme in her press conference today, the absurd lie that the President is a pawn of Russia. Yesterday, Congressman Mike Quigley the successor to Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago’s 5th District, openly asked a witness to agree with Zbigniew Brzezinski regarding the proper role for Ukraine as a marcher lord against Russia. Americans have seen, in the past week, the actual faces of those who would march this nation to a war of extinction; the parade of bureaucrats who proudly state that they have openly defied the President and whose careers demonstrate the incredible modern banality of absolute evil, all of them marching to British imperial ideas and precepts.Join us for tonight’s discussion.

Comment: Deep State is Controlled by British Monarchy & Empire of Whom the Windsors ‘Royals’ are at the Top.

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