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  • As Impeachment Charade Pauses for Congressional Recess, What American Citizens Do Now Is Critical
  • Byron York Demands To Know in Analysis, ‘What If Trump Was Right About Ukraine?’
  • Dimitri Simes Calls Out George Kent’s Lies About Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
  • Horowitz Reports on FBI/DOJ Informants, Sets Date To Release for His Major Report
  • Columbia Erupts in Mass Protest Over Government’s Austerity Program
  • Two Days of Calm in Hong Kong, Cross-Harbor Tunnel To Reopen
  • Benjamin Netanyahu Becomes First Serving Prime Minister To Be Indicted
  • China Plays Major Role in Industrialization of Africa
  • Austrian Economic Institute Proposes Creation of European Silk Road Fund
  • Defense Department Moves To Build Small Nuclear Reactors for Beam Defense


As Impeachment Charade Pauses for Congressional Recess, What American Citizens Do Now Is Critical

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—The initial phase of the House impeachment show trial paused today with the testimony of Russia hawk, former Senior Director for Europe and Russia on the National Security Council Fiona Hill and State Department bureaucrat David Holmes. Congress will be out in their home districts through Dec. 3. While most believe that the Democrats will now draft articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, and move the process to the Judiciary Committee, even that is uncertain, as the New York Times of today argued for the Democrats to slow down, and force more ridiculous testimony down the throats of the American people, who remain unconvinced that the President should be impeached.

Hill’s testimony was part of a coordinated PR campaign in Washington to resurrect the bogus “Trump is an agent of Putin” hoax. Hill claimed that Ukraine interference in the election was a Russian inspired-hoax, and the media, including Fox, responded by saying that she was the “star of the show.” Hill also showcased the narrative that Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, and others investigating Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election, were really doing so for personal gain. The same brainwashing campaign involves a renewed assault on Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, as a dupe and a fool who does not understand Russian active measures.

For those charmed by Hill’s recounting her background as an English coalminer’s daughter whose low-class accent would have stymied her ambitions in Britain, take a look at the background of this woman. She was the National Intelligence Officer on Russia and Ukraine for the National Intelligence Council in both the George W. Bush and Obama Administrations, in which she advanced cold-blooded policies which placed the world on the edge of war. While claiming to believe that Russia and the U.S. must work out new relationships, she personally hates President Vladimir Putin, and is an active participant in the British campaign to overthrow him.

David Holmes, counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, provided his self-important account of U.S.-Ukraine relationships as a prelude to his claim that he overheard President Trump, asking U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland over Sondland’s cellphone, not on speaker, whether Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was going to carry out an investigation into corruption (involving the Bidens), after Sondland had informed Trump, “Zelensky loves your ass, he’ll do anything you want him to.”

Holmes’s explanation as to how he could hear this was singularly unconvincing, as was his explanation of why his all-important overhear was not presented until last week, after his boss, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, had testified, but never mentioned this conversation, despite Holmes’s briefing him on it.

What is lost is the impact of this testimony in Ukraine, where President Zelensky is in a showdown with the neo-Nazis and extremists over his efforts to negotiate a peace with Russia; where the IMF is demanding hugely unpopular austerity measures as a condition for further aid; and where various British imperial writers are predicting a new Maidan. Holmes’s recitation that Zelensky will do anything for the American President, hardly plays well with those out to prevent peace at all costs. That is deliberate; it is orchestrated to that end.

In his speech to the Federalist Society Nov. 15, U.S. Attorney General William Barr portrayed a United States in the midst of an insurrection which could destroy the country. He claimed, correctly, that the aim of this insurrection is to debase and forever weaken the American Presidency, and turn this nation into something akin to a parliamentary system. In his writings on the Clinton impeachment, Lyndon LaRouche cited exactly that intent. Attorney General Barr also stated that whole sections of the judiciary have ceased to function as anything other than a rubberstamp for RESIST policies. The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, on Sunday’s talking head TV shows, repeated over and over again that the President of the United States is an “imposter,” because Putin really steered all of Trump’s 63 million voters.

In the meantime, nothing is happening in terms of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure; creating the types of productive jobs which can sustain entire families at a healthy income; creating an educational system which cultivates and nurtures genius; fixing the broken healthcare system; or undertaking the crash mobilization for space exploration necessary to ensure the nation’s future. Doing that urgently, financed through a national banking system and a New Bretton Woods world credit system, and using Glass-Steagall to ensure that citizens don’t pay for the insanity of Wall Street and the City of London, is the answer to the ominous clouds of financial instability created by the unraveling of the newest worldwide bubble.

The only voice of sanity in last night’s Democratic debate was Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) going directly after Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party’s policies of forever wars. As LaRouche had forecast, the Democrats have become like the Democratic Party of Athens, those who killed Socrates and are now out to obliterate any possibility of reason by wielding identity politics and the Green New Deal. They are the fascists Lyndon LaRouche so pointedly portrayed in June 1968, in “The New Left, Local Control, and Fascism.”

The field is wide open for the LaRouche movement. People are repulsed by the insurrection described by the Attorney General. They need the program and method of thinking which can actually solve this mess. The long-anticipated report by Michael Horowitz, Inspector General for the Department of Justice, is now scheduled for release on Dec. 9. Preceding it with a highly-effective intervention during this Congressional recess, designed to prevent impeachment from getting off the ground, while show-casing the LaRouchian economic recovery which the impeachment charade is designed to prevent, is the path to a real breakthrough for the Republic.


Byron York Demands To Know in Analysis, ‘What If Trump Was Right about Ukraine?’

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—Analyst Byron York published the above-titled article in the Washington Examiner Nov. 20, reprising the investigative work done by journalist John Solomon, Rudolph Giuliani, and Politico concerning Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton. There is a massive public relations effort in Washington to block further investigation of this clear election interference, and the corruption and graft associated with the Obama Administration’s activities in Ukraine.

John Solomon, who has been attacked relentlessly and smeared over the past few weeks, has had his articles in The Hill placed under “journalistic review” at that paper.  He has moved over to being a commentator at Fox and publishing his work on his own blog “John Solomon Reports/Reporting Truth.”  Rudy Giuliani is under federal investigation in the Southern District of New York and has been effectively shut up. It is very clear, as ranking member of the Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (D-CA) says, that you know you are over the target when your enemies start doing these kinds of things.

It is also clear that Ukraine is a major vulnerability for the Obama Administration, beginning with the color revolutions conducted pursuant to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s direction, the installation of neo-Nazis in government by coup d’état, the ethnic cleansing of the East, and the economic devastation of the entire country.

Lyndon LaRouche was absolutely correct about the genocidal implications of Brzezinski’s British policies. His kindergarten of geopolitical/British-associated figures in the U.S. government is presently determined to wreck the United States.

Dimitri Simes Calls Out George Kent’s Lies about Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—In an article for the Daily Caller, decorated Russia expert Dimitri Simes, CEO and President of the Center for the National Interest, goes right after Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent’s preposterous and revolting effort to equate the American Revolutionary Minutemen with the neo-Nazis who were utilized by Kent, Joe Biden, and Victoria Nuland, then Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, in the 2014 Ukraine coup. Kent threw this into his Nov. 13 testimony to the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings.

“What Kent, the State Department’s leading expert on Ukraine, neglected to mention was that a significant portion of these volunteer battalions are ultra-nationalist and even explicitly neo-Nazi paramilitary groups. Also left unsaid was the fact that at least one of these militias previously received military support from Washington, and possibly still does despite a formal ban from Congress. … While some of these militias did not espouse any particular ideology, others aligned themselves with ultra-nationalism and neo-Nazism.  Such groups include the Right Sector, Dnipro 1 Battalion, Aidar Battalion, and the Azov Battalion.”  The Azov Battalion group’s founder and commander Andriy Biletsky famously declared that Ukraine’s mission is to “lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”  Human rights groups in Ukraine reported that battalions named Shakhtarsk, Aidar, Dnipro-1, and Azov perpetrated torture, disappearances, and unlawful detentions in the war in the East, Simes writes.  During a speech before parliament in 2017, Azov head Biletsky threatened to overthrow the government. Azov and its political wing, the National Corps, are currently resisting President Volodymyr Zelensky’s peace plans.

Simes goes on to cite the well-known fact that Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is the patron of Azov, along with the other neo-Nazi groups. Dismissed Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch stated in her impeachment testimony that she was in regular contact and collaboration with Avakov. Simes reveals that C14, the ultranationalist group associated with attacks on minorities, journalists, and political activists, was granted permission, in late 2017 to patrol the streets as municipal guards. A Daily Beast investigation found that the Pentagon and the State Department did not have a clear mechanism to prevent these groups from getting U.S. aid, despite the cosmetic demands proposed by Congress.

Simes caps his article by stating that the late Sen. John McCain was a patron of these groups, and that current Chargé d’Affaires William Taylor appears to be continuing this tradition. Dmytro Shatrovsky, the leader of the Azov-affiliated Veterans Brotherhood, recently gave a speech at an event sponsored by the State Department’s USAID with Taylor seated in the front row.

Horowitz Reports on FBI/DOJ Informants, Sets Date To Release for His Major Report

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has conducted an audit of the FBI informant program and concluded that it is operating dangerously outside DOJ guidelines. He released that 60-page report on Nov. 19. FBI officials are routinely not conducting verification audits on informants on the payroll for long periods of time, nor entering critical information about their biases and activities into informant evaluations. This has an obvious impact on the criminal cases where these informants are used, as potential exculpatory information never comes into view, and, in fact, FBI employees had been discouraged from entering negative information about informants into their files for this very reason. Many have commented that these deficiencies were at play in the cases of Stefan Halper and “ex”-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who were both used against Donald Trump.

Horowitz’s report on the operations against candidate Trump is now scheduled for release on Dec. 9th, with Horowitz to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Dec. 11th.


Colombia Erupts in Mass Protest over Government’s Austerity Program

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—Citizens in several Colombian cities took to the streets today in a general strike, called by a coalition of trade union federations, students and social organizations to protest President Ivan Duque’s plans to impose an austerity program. This will reportedly include pension “reform,” raising the retirement age, and lowering wages for young people below the minimum wage, among other things.

According to late reports, there was a massive turnout, especially of students, in the capital of Bogotá, as well as in Cali, Cartagena, Medellín and other cities. In Bogotá, masses of people blocked major roads, shutting down public transportation. There was considerable violence, requiring the intervention of police and military, who had been deployed beforehand nationwide in anticipation of the strike. As a result of violence in Cali, the local government imposed a 7:00 p.m. curfew. In Cartagena, all public transportation was shut down for the day.

The daily El Espectador reported today that these were the largest demonstrations in many years. Students are a key factor. Both public and private university students have been protesting for weeks, demanding more investment in education, and today complained that Duque reneged on an agreement he signed promising to increase the education budget. Protesters also want the government to do more to implement the “peace” agreement with the FARC (whose real purpose was to legitimize the FARC cocaine cartel, having little to do with “peace”), and to provide more protection for indigenous leaders who have been targetted for assassination.

Preemptively, last night Duque announced he had closed the country’s borders with its four neighbors—Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

Two Days of Calm in Hong Kong, Cross-Harbor Tunnel To Reopen

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—Thursday was the second day of relative calm in Hong Kong, as the police siege of Polytechnical University has driven all but a few anarchists to surrender. The university sits over the Cross-Harbor Tunnel, where the anarchists used fire bombs to keep it closed all week. The tunnel is expected to be opened today. With the destruction of the toll booths, the city is waiving all fares for now. Despite the normal social media calls for mass demonstrations, only a few hundred responded and were easily contained. The city’s streets are cleared.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi, meeting today with former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen in Beijing, said in regard to the lunatic Congressional passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act:  “Right now, the China-U.S. relationship has reached a critical crossroads. But we regret to see that some politicians in the United States are now smearing, attacking, slandering China to a level close to madness.”

The new EIR Report, “End the McCarthyite Witch Hunt Against China and President Trump,” being printed today, must be used to expose and defuse this insane push for war with China. President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that Hong Kong is an issue for China as a sovereign state, just as he considered Crimea a matter that must be considered in the context of Russia’s historic sovereignty.

The “Hong Kong” bill passed the Senate late in the day Nov. 18 by a voice vote, and the House earlier with only one “no,” from Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), so a Trump veto could be overriden. The act does not force him to take any of the punitive actions mandated in the bill.

China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said that communication between the trade negotiators was continuing. The Wall Street Journal reported that China has invited U.S. negotiators for face-to-face talks in Beijing, citing unnamed sources.

The test of whether the Western-backed anarchists have been contained in Hong Kong, without the intervention by the PLA or armed police, which the regime-change fanatics were hoping to provoke, will be on Nov. 23, a Saturday, which is the day of the week on which the largest riots have taken place over the past five months.

Benjamin Netanyahu Becomes First Serving Prime Minister To Be Indicted

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted this evening, the first serving Israeli Prime Minister ever to be indicted. He is charged with three counts each of fraud and breach of trust, and one count of bribery.

Veteran Israeli journalist Ben Caspit, one of the few who has interviewed Lyndon LaRouche, wrote this evening in Al-Monitor, “Earlier articles here promised a perfect storm encompassing Israel’s political, diplomatic and security establishments. It finally arrived the evening of Nov. 21; Israel is now in the eye of the storm. Anything is possible and all the scenarios are on the table. In the past, Netanyahu rejected suggestions by his lawyers that he give up the fight and strive to reach a plea deal, which could have gotten him off the hook with a symbolic penalty in exchange for having the cases against him closed. But will Netanyahu give up? Will he make his final bow and leave the stage? It doesn’t look like it. The prime minister is the ultimate comeback kid. The man never gives up.”


China Plays Major Role in Industrialization of Africa

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—Amid Africa’s quest to grow its manufacturing, experts both from the continent and elsewhere have commended Chinese engagement in helping Africa. Speaking to Xinhua on Nov. 20, Arancha Gonzalez, executive director of International Trade Center (ITC)—a joint agency of the UN and World Trade Organization—emphasized China’s growing engagement and interest in Africa’s existing and emerging potential areas driving the continent’s industrialization.

“China has focused a lot of attention to the industrialization of the African continent,” she told Xinhua on the sidelines of the Africa Industrialization Day commemoration event, yesterday at the African Union Commission, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “I think now there is interesting opportunity that is coming in two other sectors, one is agro-processing, so helping Africa transform a lot of the raw materials, agricultural commodities that this continent produces into processed products.” China put a lot of attention on Africa’s manufacturing, she said, emphasizing other potential emerging areas in industry that are benefitting from and attracting Chinese engagement across Africa.

She told Xinhua she had attended both the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in April and the Nov. 4-10 China International Import Expo in Shanghai, and that “On both occasions, I could see the interest of African countries to connect with Chinese investors, but also the appetite of Chinese investors to move into Africa.”

Africa Industrialization Day was commemorated as part of the African Union Commission’s flagship Africa Industrialization Week (AIW-2019), which is underway from Nov. 18-22. The AIW-2019 also emphasizes the crucial role of industrial parks and Special Economic Zones to drive Africa’s industrialization.

According to Costantinos Bt. Costantinos, Former Chairperson of the African Union Anti-corruption Advisory Board and Professor of Public Policy and Sustainable Institutional Reforms, and an economic advisor to the African Union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, Chinese-contracted industrial parks in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa “will bring about employment opportunities and revenues to the countries. These industrial parks are vital elements of the infrastructure supporting the structural transformation in Ethiopia that can attract international investors,” he told Xinhua.

Austrian Economic Institute Proposes Creation of European Silk Road Fund

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) has just released a 26-page Policy Note in November, in which it proposes a financing model for a European Silk Road. The proposal for a European Silk Road was discussed on Nov. 21, at a Brussels event at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU which was organized in cooperation with the Österreichische Nationalbank, the country’s central bank.

“Much of Europe’s transport infrastructure is in a bad state, even in some wealthy parts of Europe, such as Germany,” the report’s author, WIIW Executive Director Mario Holzner said, adding that “Europe’s periphery is underdeveloped and has difficulty to catch up, in part because of substantial infrastructure deficiencies. The suggested European Silk Road project could help to solve both the problem of sluggish growth in the west of the continent and the developmental problems in the East. Moreover, it could constitute a new narrative of cooperation for Europe. Real interest rates are negative, and infrastructure investment has the potential to finance itself. Current European infrastructure initiatives are insufficient and piecemeal. The continent lacks a common, positive narrative—a common project that can be opposed to the forces of disintegration.”

“In our Policy Note, we make a proposal for the financing of infrastructure across the European continent with the help of a European Silk Road Trust (ESRT), backed by a European Sovereign Wealth Fund (ESWF),” Holzner explains. The WIIW report suggests new transport infrastructure (a combination of an e-mobility motorway, high-speed rail, ports and logistics centers) that could connect the industrial areas of the West, with the populous but less developed regions in the East of the continent.

Holzner believes that the estimated construction cost of €1 trillion (7% of the EU’s GDP) would yield substantial short-, medium- and long-run economic gains along the 11,000 km overland route. Apart from the growth and employment effects of construction activity (2-7 million new jobs during the building period), trade effects are also expected to be significant.

The Vienna Institute’s report points out that the initiative should not necessarily be viewed as competition for the Chinese New Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative), but rather as a complementary project (despite serious differences in the general approach to infrastructure construction concerning, for instance, issues of public procurement and the European Silk Road’s much higher environmental standards). Besides the economic benefits, the European Silk Road project would also bring important political advantages, as more cooperation would result from transnational, joint infrastructure measures.


Defense Department Moves To Build Small Nuclear Reactors for Beam Defense

Nov. 21 (EIRNS)—In the wake of Kissinger’s Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) doctrine, came its little brother, the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) doctrine, which, among other aspects, vaunted the power of Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) and superior Command, Control and Communications (C3) to precisely destroy the infrastructure of any opponent and force submission in British-instigated conflicts. These doctrines were political, not military doctrines. They reflected the British Aristotelian outlook of suppressing both economic progress and scientific/technological progress, in favor of an attempt to maintain control over a static world (as a compromise with the British Empire’s real goal of global regression to feudalism).

Oligarchical proponents of these doctrines fiercely sought to suppress the LaRouche-instigated moves by President Ronald Reagan to rapidly develop new, directed-energy weaponry of various types which would supersede the technologies associated with these old doctrines, and more important, create a stability in international affairs based upon (1) giving qualitative superiority to the defense over the offense; (2) creating a rapid obsolescence of the old offensive technologies; and (3) rapidly developing the new sciences and technologies which would be associated not only with weaponry, but also with development of the new fission and fusion power systems upon which the universal prosperity, and thus political stability of global and space-based civilization will depend.

While LaRouche’s revolutionary ideas were temporarily suppressed in the U.S., many of his ideas were happily adopted in other countries—especially in China.

With the Sept. 14, 2019 attack upon a Saudi refinery, apparently performed by masses of small, weaponized commercial drones, that can be cheaply and easily bought from companies such as the famous DJI company of China, the power of Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas has again been unleashed at the Department of Defense. These days, any 14-year-old with a few pointers, can create a PGM. The old RMA doctrine is dead.

Aviation Week & Space Technology reported on Nov. 11 that the Department of Defense is moving ahead to build a small standard 20- or 40-foot cargo-container-size high-temperature gas reactor (1-10 MWe power) using the “pebble-bed” or TRISO triple-ceramic-coated fuel sphere technology originally demonstrated at the now-closed Jülich demonstration nuclear plant in Germany, and somewhat further developed in South Africa. Lyndon LaRouche advocated development of this technology over decades. The new DOD project is now known as Project Pele.

The U.S. Air Force has begun deploying directed-energy defense systems at select air bases. These systems, and next-generation systems to be deployed, will require large pulses of power which are best supplied with fission or fusion power systems. It should be remembered that the initial development of nuclear power reactors was accomplished by the U.S. Navy under direction of Adm. Hyman Rickover, and that the first commercial nuclear electric power reactor at Shippingport, Pennsylvania, in 1956, was an application of the Naval reactor to commercial electrical power generation. Once again, the reality of the military requirement for reliable and high energy flux-density power can spur American industry to take a leading role in development of small modular reactors (SMRs), with cascading positive effects in other nuclear technology development. Once the imperial suppression of science is overthrown, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

For more information on other aspects of U.S. Department of Energy, private, and international efforts in SMR development see EIR: Nov. 16, 2018—“Mass Production of Modular Nuclear Reactors To Industrialize Developing Countries Until Fusion Power Comes Online”; Sept. 13, 2019—“This Department of Energy Seeks Nuclear Progress, Can Support Moon-Mars Mission”; and April 12, 2019—“Recognition of Small Modular Reactors’ Role in the Coming World Is Increasing, But Is That Enough?”

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