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Volume 6, Number 231

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  • The Real Ukraine Scandal Story: Maidan Coup Was a British-Obama Nazi Regime Change Operation
  • Schiff Caught in Criminal Lies
  • Lavrov Affirms There Is No Threat of Renewed Turkish Military Action in Northern Syria
  • Hong Kong Police Clear Out Demonstrators From University Grounds
  • China Summons U.S. Diplomat, Vows To Retaliate if Trump Signs ‘Hong Kong Democracy Act’
  • Rising Death Toll in Bolivia, as Army Confronts Morales Supporters Blocking Highways
  • Argentine President-Elect Tells IMF, He’ll Pay the Debt, But on His Terms, ‘Without Austerity’
  • German Industry Would Invest in Africa, But Banks Refuse To Make Loans
  • EU Tells Balkan Nations To Shut Down Coal Plants, Go For Wind and Solar…and Freeze in the Dark
  • Putin Blasts Abandoning Hydrocarbons as Going Back to the Caves
  • Turkey’s ‘Canakkale 1915 Bridge’ Spans Both Historic, Engineering, and Geographic Divides
  • North Korean-Russian Strategic Dialogue Begins in Moscow
  • Greta Thunberg Takes Sailboat to Europe in Hurricane Season, Hopes Reach Spain for COP25


The Real Ukraine Scandal Story: Maidan Coup Was a British-Obama-Nazi Regime Change Operation

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—InWashington, D.C., as the hours and hours rack-up of House Intelligence Committee impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump, what remains constant is that the real “issue” regarding events in Ukraine in recent years, is that British and traitorous networks in the Obama Administration staged an operation to topple the elected Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych in 2013-2014, and worked with well-known Nazi elements to accomplish their goal. The very same British-U.S. networks are conducting the attempted coup in the United States, and using the fake impeachment to cover up their actual crimes in sponsoring the Nazi coup in 2014.

U.S. operatives included Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs (2013-2017), Vice President Joe Biden, money-bags George Soros, Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, for starters.  Among the British names, that of Christopher Steele, MI6, stands out. The Svoboda and Right Sector thugs included such figures as Andriy Parubiy, who acted as Commandant of the Maidan; and Yuriy Lutsenko, who founded the government overthrow movement called the Third Ukrainian Republic. They conducted deadly street violence, individual assaults, property seizure and destruction.

This story was exposed in real time, with calls for international intervention, in EIR articles from Fall 2013 through the February 2014 Maidan coup, and afterward; for example, “After Ukraine’s EU Refusal: Eurasian Development vs. Collapse and Chaos” (EIR, Dec. 6, 2013), as well as the original coverage of Ukraine’s rejection of the EU Association Agreement (see EIR, Nov. 29, 2013).

Then, at the third anniversary of Maidan, EIR issued a special report, released simultaneously in Washington, D.C., Berlin, Germany, at the United Nations in New York City, and elsewhere, titled, “Obama and Soros—Nazis in Ukraine, 2014—U.S.A., 2017?”

Since then, many more specifics have come out, ranging from, for example, how snipers were hired to turn the Maidan demonstrations deadly, to such sordid details as how Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was positioned to receive multi-millions in payola, from the shady Ukrainian company Burisma. It is all part of the same ugly package.

EIR has also published a series of articles by Barbara Boyd on who is behind the coup operation against Trump.

For President Donald Trump to have referred to any of this as “corruption” is a badge of honor, not grounds for impeachment.

The Ukraine story is one of the biggest scandals in political history. It is clearly aimed at destabilizing Russia, and could well lead to thermonuclear war between Russia and the United States.

But the significance of this scandal at present is not at all confined to revealing its murderous particulars. It has now come to pass, that Ukraine affairs blamed on Trump are the latest phase in the three-year coup attempt in the United States to topple our elected government. It is staged by the very same British-American geopolitical crowd staging destabilizations at key points the world over. This is the meaning of the Maidan-style uprisings taking place at present in Hong Kong against China—and in Bolivia.

Getting out the truth on Ukraine can mean breaking up the entire British, global geopolitical axis. Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed out today, in discussions with associates in Europe, that the Dec. 9 Normandy Four meeting (leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany), which will be the first such international forum for the newly elected, pro-peace President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, is the initiation of the discussion process on Ukraine that has the potential to solve the problems in the situation. Informed public debate is essential.

This week’s issue of EIR, dated Nov. 22, 2019, carries an important report on Ukraine by economist Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, former Member of Parliament and former candidate for President from the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine. In the speech she gave Nov. 16 in Germany, titled, “LaRouche’s Science of Physical Economy as the Key To Solving the Problems of the World, Eurasia, and Ukraine,” at the Nov. 16-17 Schiller Institute international conference, she states: “It was the Nazi, Russophobic coloration of the Euromaidan, that led to the loss of Crimea and set the stage for the fighting in Slavyansk and the monstrous attack on the anti-fascists in the Odessa House of Trade Unions, and brought on the fratricidal war in the Donbas. This war has continued for five and a half years. Even the official statistics say that 13,000 lives have been lost…. Millions became refugees…. All Ukraine is afflicted by the Nazi militants.”

It is urgent to get the real scandal out. Zepp-LaRouche stressed today that “the Ukraine issue—as discussed by Vitrenko, a prime witness and activist in the situation—has as its key premise what happened November 2013 until the coup in February 2014. This cuts through the entire impeachment operation against President Donald Trump.”


Schiff Caught in Criminal Lies

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Among several devastating exposures of lies and overt criminal acts against the state revealed over the past days, the questioning of the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland today by Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) turned the tables on the despicable Adam Schiff’s actual intent, and actual criminal acts, in running this coup attempt under the guise of an impeachment inquiry.

According to Representative Turner, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) told the press during a break that Sondland had dropped the bombshell, that indeed there was a quid pro quo, and that Trump was now sure to be impeached. Turner said this was already in the headlines on CNN.

Turner then cornered Sondland into admitting, clearly, that he had believed there was a quid pro quo for Trump to hold a meeting in the White House only if President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to investigate Burisma and the Ukrainian intervention in the 2016 election (which, of course, is not even improper, let alone a bribe), but that Sondland had only “presumed” that it was also a quid pro quo that there would be no military aid unless Zelensky took those steps. Earlier, under questioning from Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Sondland acknowledged that when he asked President Trump directly, “What do you want from Ukraine?” the President answered: “I Want Nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing. I want him to do what he ran on” (i.e., fighting corruption—Jordan could have, but did not, added that Zelensky campaigned for ending the war by meeting with Putin).

Turner then provided Sondland with a civics lesson—that “hearsay evidence,” which was almost entirely what has been heard in these hearings, would not be allowed in a real court of law, or in a Senate trial of an impeached president. But “presumption,” i.e., a fact made up out of thin air, was simply a lie—and yet, Turner said, that is what Schiffis out there telling the press is a slam dunk for impeachment.

The facts of the sham are coming out. Now we must get the underlying story out as well—these Democrats colluded with the Obama intelligence team and British intelligence to impose a Nazi regime on Ukraine with the intention of starting a war with Russia, which they are now frantically trying to cover up.


Lavrov Affirms There Is No Threat of Renewed Turkish Military Action in Northern Syria

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reported this morning that the government of Turkey has assured him that it will not resume military action in northern Syria. He was responding to a Nov. 18 statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in which he complained that neither the United States nor Russia have kept their promises to remove the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from within 30 km of the Syrian-Turkish border. Cavusoglu vowed that Turkey “will do whatever is necessary” to achieve that.

The initial response of the Russian Defense Ministry was one of consternation.  “The Russian Defense Ministry was surprised to hear Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statement about Russia’s alleged failure to fulfill its promises, as well as his threats about an operation in northern Syria,” spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said yesterday. “The Turkish top diplomat’s statement calling for military activities may raise tensions in Syria’s north instead of easing them in accordance with a joint memorandum signed by the presidents of Russia and Turkey.”

Lavrov reported this morning, however, that the Turks have assured him that they will not resume military operations. “There was a contact between representatives of the Turkish government and our ambassador and they assured our envoy that this was a misunderstanding and that no one in Ankara called in question the work being done by Russia. Neither Mr. Cavusoglu, my colleague and friend, nor … [Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim] Kalin spoke about any resumption of the Peace Spring operation,” he said, reported TASS.

“The withdrawal of armed units of the Kurdish forces has taken place,” Lavrov stressed. “Even if some small areas still remain there, this effort will be brought to an end. And the fact that everything is fully in line with a memorandum backed by Presidents Putin and Erdogan, is confirmed by regular and ongoing joint patrols of a 10-km zone by Russia’s military police and Turkish counterparts as agreed in Sochi on Oct. 22.”

Hong Kong Police Clear Out Demonstrators from University Grounds

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Hong Kong Police began to clear out most of the demonstrators who were still occupying the Polytechnical University in Hong Kong. After a week of chaos, with students occupying several universities and disrupting traffic in the city, the demonstrators were finally ensconced in Polytechnical University.

A siege conducted by the police, left the majority of students, getting low on supplies, to surrender to authorities. Roughly 1,000 people were arrested or surrendered, while 300 of them under the age of 18 were released after their details were recorded. While there were still 100 or so hard-liners at the university, this phase of the upsurge seems to be reaching its conclusion. The students had even used the university facilities to manufacture weapons, using the chemicals for Molotov cocktails and training with bows and arrows. They had also brought traffic to a standstill during the turmoil. What they have next in mind is hard to determine, although many of the most radical elements may have escaped in the confusion.

Hong Kong is getting a new Commissioner of Police, Tang Ping-keung, who has expressed frustration that the situation got out of hand. He was particularly angry with the public attacks in the media against how the Hong Kong police handled the situation. “If everyone had come out earlier to condemn the violence,” he said, “society would not have turned into this state in five months.”

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the phony Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which is both an insult to the sovereignty of China and a direct attack on President Donald Trump, who has consistently insisted that Hong Kong was a matter for the sovereign state of China. After reconciliation with the Senate bill, which has passed earlier, it must then be sent to the President to be signed, under massive pressure from the McCarthyite anti-China fanatics in the Congress and in the press.

China Summons U.S. Diplomat, Vows To Retaliate if Trump Signs ‘Hong Kong Democracy Act’

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—China’s Foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. Embassy’s Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs William Klein to warn that it would retaliate if U.S. President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, after the bill was passed by the U.S. Senate, reported South China Morning Post today.

In a statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “China will take strong opposing measures, and the U.S. has to bear all the consequences,” reporting that Foreign Vice-Minister Ma Zhaoxu had summoned Klein, the acting chargé d’affaires. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that any attempt by the U.S. to interfere in China’s internal affairs would be in vain: “We call on the U.S. side to take a clear look at the situation and take steps to stop the act from becoming a law, and stop meddling in the internal affairs of China and Hong Kong, to avoid setting a fire that would only burn itself,” Geng said in the Foreign Ministry daily press conference on Nov. 20.

“China will have to take strong countermeasures to defend our national sovereignty, security and development interests if the U.S. is bent on having its own way. No one should underestimate China’s determination to defend its national sovereignty, security and development interests, to implement the ‘one country, two systems’ principle, and to safeguard Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability,” Geng replied to a reporter’s question. He said the legislation is a serious violation of international law and international relations norms, which China “strongly condemns and opposes.”

Both the House and Senate versions of the bill would require the U.S. government to produce an annual report, certified by the Secretary of State, on whether Hong Kong had retained enough autonomy from Beijing to retain the distinct trading status that protects the city from the tariffs the U.S. imposed on Chinese imports last year. It also calls for sanctions against any individuals or entities deemed to have violated freedoms guaranteed under Hong Kong’s Basic Law, which enshrines the “One Country, Two Systems,” and became effective on July 1, 1997.

Rising Death Toll in Bolivia, as Army Confronts Morales Supporters Blocking Highways

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Since Nov. 10, the death toll in Bolivia has risen to 29 people, as the Army and security forces open fire on supporters of deposed President Evo Morales, who are blocking entrances to several cities around the country, to prevent their being supplied with gasoline and food. Indigenous groups, coca-producers and other supporters of Morales’s MAS party, do not recognize the illegitimate “President” Jeanine Áñez and warn they will continue this action until Evo Morales returns to Bolivia.

In some cities, including the capital of La Paz, shortages of food and gasoline have become acute. Yesterday, at least 5 protesters were killed and 30 wounded as they sought to prevent tanker trucks from leaving the Senkata refinery near La Paz, to transport gasoline to the capital. Videos of yesterday’s confrontation that went viral show the military firing directly on protesters, aiming for their heads, Página 12 reported.

The Inter-American Human Rights Commission, plus the local Ombudsman for human rights blame Áñez’s Nov. 15 decree exempting military and police personnel from criminal prosecution if they are “preserving public order,” for yesterday’s killings. The UN Human Rights Commissioner for Human Rights, former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, is reportedly also sending an investigative delegation to the country. The University of Chile’s radio station reports that similar incidents are occurring elsewhere in the country. Bolivian daily La Razón reported today that Áñez has just signed a degree allocating $5 million to the Armed Forces for the purchase of new weapons.


Argentine President-Elect Tells IMF, He’ll Pay the Debt, but on His Terms, ‘Without Austerity’

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—In a phone call today with the new Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva, Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernández said he has elaborated an economic plan to pay what the Fund is owed, but “without more austerity. We want to commit to something with which we can comply,” he said. “We’ve elaborated a sustainable plan that will allow us to grow and meet our obligations to you and to other creditors,” he told Georgieva, according to a press statement he released after the call. He was really responding to statements she made the day before.

In those remarks, Página 12 reported, Georgieva said she understood the difficulties the new government will face, especially given increased poverty—which has now reached 38% according to a study just released by the Catholic University’s Social Debt Observatory, La Politica Online reported Nov. 19.

However, she said, Fernández will have to find a way to maintain “existing budgetary restrictions”—austerity—and examine where public spending isn’t yielding “valuable results” for the country. The key, she said, is to guarantee the “fiscal viability” of proposed projects. In an interview with Bloomberg prior to speaking with Fernández, Georgieva warned that “the government has to figure out a way to live within budgetary constraints … they will have to bring debt to a sustainable level so they can return to the markets.”

Fernández has not yet revealed details of his economic plan, although it reportedly includes a range of new taxes, including export and personal income taxes, as well as moderate monetary emission—while further reducing the fiscal deficit. The President-elect says he is counting on cooperation from the U.S. Treasury to help obtain a more “flexible” program with the IMF; but Argentina’s catastrophic economic crisis will require something more dramatic than a “flexible” IMF program—joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the New Paradigm, for example. In the first five months of 2020, the government must pay $15 billion in debt, $10 billion of which comes due in the first quarter, which is simply not payable. As Página 12’s Cristian Carrillo wrote yesterday, in four years, President Mauricio Macri managed to increase the foreign debt by $104 billion—about $33 billion a year—of which $94 billion left the country as capital flight, and served no useful purpose inside the country.

German Industry Would Invest in Africa, but Banks Refuse To Make Loans

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Representatives of German firms attending yesterday’s “Compact with Africa” summit in Berlin were skeptical about the opportunities to increase the investments in African countries which Chancellor Angela Merkel and Development Minister Gerd Müller portrayed in their speeches.

The entrepreneurs’ hesitation stemmed from the fact that private banks have, as a rule, refused to back credits for firms investing in Africa’s energy and transport sectors, because they consider the risks are “too high,” said Stefan Liebing, chairman of the German-African Business Association.

“No one consistently takes enough care of [German] businesses, which in Africa are already trying to prevail against state-run concerns from China, risk-willing Indian entrepreneurs, and superbly supported French companies,” Liebing told the newspaper network Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland. What industries need is German state credit guarantees at attractive conditions, he insisted.

This has been discussed many times before with the government, which, however, has not moved on the issue. Berlin wants to ease conditions only for investments in the 12 African states that had signed onto the “Compact with Africa” agreement in 2017, and it insists on “sustainability” standards for future investments, which run contrary to African countries’ plans to develop modern coal-power—for which plans only China is a partner. Indicative for the German view is that, on the sidelines of the Berlin event, a deal for Clean Power Generation with solar panels in Guinea was signed.

EU Tells Balkan Nations To Shut Down Coal Plants, Go for Wind and Solar … and Freeze in the Dark

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—In a new report published Nov. 18 from the EU Energy Community Secretariat’s Implementation Report, there are a large number of coal-fired plants which fail to meet environmentalist standards and will have to be closed by 2024. Countries affected are so far Kosovo (fossil energy 97%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (coal 66% electricity), Serbia (electricity 70%), Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which was created to aid in financing infrastructure and other projects in Eastern European, including the non-EU members in the West Balkans, has refused to finance coal- and even gas-fired power stations. They have even refused to finance hydroelectric projects for environmentalist reasons. The countries are being told to set up wind and solar farms with technology supplied by Germany, with the credit from banks loans. Nonetheless Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia have turned to China for aid in renewing the coal power stations.


Putin Blasts Abandoning Hydrocarbons as Going Back to the Caves

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin said abandoning hydrocarbons would end civilization and send humanity back to living in the caves, reported TASS today. Putin was speaking at the “Russia Calling!” VTB Capital Investment Forum.

He stressed that Russia is a responsible country that works to make its energy balance “as green as possible,” as TASS reported, using hydropower generation, nuclear generation and gas generation to a significant degree. “In this sense, discarding the purest hydrocarbon like gas seems utterly bizarre. When these types of ideas [the complete abandonment of hydrocarbons] are promoted, it seems to me that the human race may find itself again in caves, just because it won’t be consuming anything,” President Putin said. “Technologies are such that right now mankind cannot survive and preserve its civilization without raw hydrocarbons, without nuclear energy, and without hydropower.”

Turkey’s ‘Canakkale 1915 Bridge’ Spans Both Historic, Engineering, and Geographic Divides

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—The nation of Turkey has broken ground for what may become the longest-span suspension bridge in the world, the “Canakkale 1915 Bridge” over the Dardanelles Strait.  When completed, its towers will be the fourth tallest bridge towers in the world.

The number “1915” in the bridge’s name, refers to the year when Australian and New Zealand army corps (ANZAC) took part in the Allied World War I attempt to seize the Dardanelles Straits from Ottoman Turkey. After a failed naval attempt under Winston Churchill, the land invasion of Gallipoli Peninsula proved to be disastrous, as the newly constituted Australian and New Zealand forces were unable to make more than a little progress from the beachheads they first established, and ultimately had to be evacuated.

Now, an Australian crane company, Marr Contracting, has been contracted to provide services, including some unprecedented engineering feats, for the project. According coverage on Nov. 15 from Heavy Lift News: “Marr’s M2480D [Heavy Lift Luffers] cranes, with the capacity to lift up to 330 tons, are revolutionizing the way bridges are built by lifting heavier modularized components instead of the more traditional approach of lifting smaller components one-by-one and then welding onsite. The M2480D is the only crane in the world that can lift the large components that will make up the two 318-meter-high bridge towers. When the M2480D lifts one of the final 165 tons components to a height of 318 meters, it will be the world’s heaviest and highest craneage lift.

“Due for completion in 2022, the bridge will take its place in world engineering history as the world’s longest span suspension bridge, connecting the towns of Gelibolu (Gallipoli) on the European side of Turkey with Lapseki on the Asian side and providing a new heavy transit alternative to the Istanbul Strait passage that will mean faster and more cost-effective freight transport, as well as strengthened economic potential and social bonds for the local community.

“The Turkish government named the bridge in honor and remembrance of the World War I battle [at Gallipoli] that took place between Turkish and Allied forces, with [Marr Contracting Director] Mr. Marr saying this construction project offered a rare opportunity for Australians and Turks to work together on the shores of Gallipoli.

“ ‘This is an exciting project for us—not just in engineering terms, but emotionally and culturally as well. Gallipoli holds a unique place in the heartand psyche of both the Australian and Turkish people, and for us to work alongside Turkish engineers and construction teams on building this significant legacy project 100 years after World War I is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,’ Mr. Marr said.

“Seconding the strong historical links between Turkey and Australia, CEO of the joint-stock company established by the Turkish-Korean consortium, ÇOK A.S., Mr. Mustafa Tanriverdi, said, ‘The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, once addressed the ANZAC mothers by saying, “Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.” Now we are deeply honored to work side-by-side with the grandchildren of those heroes in such a significant location. We share the same commitment to making history with them—this time for the peaceful advancement of humanity. I wholeheartedly thank them for their diligence and dedication. We’ll always appreciate their great contribution to this benchmark project.’ ”

North Korean-Russian Strategic Dialogue Begins in Moscow

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—North Korea’s First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choe Son Hui is in Moscow today for the first round of strategic dialogue on key international issues, regional and bilateral agenda. At the same time Russia and China has made some new proposals to resolve the Korean nuclear issue.

“Mrs. Choe Son Hui has arrived at the invitation of Russian First Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov. It is a format of strategic dialogue,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov told TASS. “We will discuss a whole range of international issues, regional problems, bilateral relations,” he said.

“We have just recently coordinated an updated version [of the settlement plan] with our Chinese friends,” Morgulov said. “We plan to distribute this updated version among our partners. We are talking about a draft plan, and no details can be announced yet.”

Morgulov continued that the plan will be presented to North Korea’s first vice foreign minister. “Ms. Choe Sun-hui has arrived in Russia to take part in strategic dialogue. I think we will use this opportunity to present the plan to our North Korean partners. We will also present the plan to our American partners and others,” he concluded.

He also stated: “We actively call on both sides—North Korean and American—to resume dialogue as soon as possible. Only through peaceful dialogue, issues that exist in bilateral relations can be resolved and trust can be built….

“We remember that Chairman of the North Korean State Council Kim Jong Un said that if no breakthrough is made by 2020, North Korea may consider changing its current course.  We hope that contacts will resume in the nearest future, and there will be no need to change the course.”

Morgulov put forward the possibility of a gradual removal of sanctions against North Korea at the second stage of implementation of the Russian-Chinese roadmap. “We think that as U.S.-North Korean dialogue progresses, we may start discussing, including on the platform of the UN Security Council, the issue of gradually lifting sanctions,” Morgulov said. “This removal process should be proportionate to those steps that the sides will agree on.”


Greta Thunberg Takes Sailboat to Europe in Hurricane Season, Hopes Reach Spain for COP25

Nov. 20 (EIRNS)—Greta Thunberg left the U.S. Nov. 13 from the port of Hampton, Virginia, on a 48-foot catamaran sailboat—hitching a ride with an Australian family, who answered her appeal for a low-carbon way back to Europe, where the COP25 climate conference was moved, after anti-austerity protests in Chile forced the government to shut down COP25 and the far more important Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

She hitched a ride with Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu, a YouTube celebrity couple whose vlog is known as “Sailing La Vagabonde,” who live on La Vagabonde with their baby. They have heating, solar panels and a water turbine. The journey is expected to take about three weeks, depending on the weather. Thunberg’s father, and Nikki Henderson, a professional British sailor are also aboard.

But hurricane season is not over yet in the Atlantic, Weather Central reported today. Tropical Storm Sebastien is roaming the Atlantic, and hurricanes this late in the season are not unusual. Tropical Storm Sebastien is forecast to strengthen in the central Atlantic, while remaining no threat to any land areas.

Thunberg attributes all problems to climate change—wildfires, along with all dangerous extreme weather.  Avoiding the actual measures of traditional forestry, flood control, and modern infrastructure makes for a dangerous world, without science to “subdue the Earth.”

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