25 Things That Can Happen if Impeachment Succeeds

I don’t think most Americans are ready for what’s about to happen if impeachment succeeds.The war on democracy will escalate into a full-blown kinetic war against all Christians, conservatives, Trump supporters, independent media publishers and many others.Plus, there will be an aggressive “pervert war” on children through the most horrific public school indoctrination “role playing” programs imaginable… in fact, they’re so sick, you can’t even imagine them.Read my full list of 25 things that may happen here.P.S. All of the Health Ranger body soaps and shampoos are back in stock. Amazing formulas, zero toxic chemicals, no artificial fragrance. Eco-friendly and health-friendly ingredients through and through. Check out the specials here.

Drastic action required to stop the censorship treason of the tech giants

Censorship is treason. That’s because all government is an extension of the People, and when the voice of the People is selectively silenced for political purposes, that’s an attempted overthrow of the very process of Democracy and self-governance.All the big tech giants – Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Wikipedia – are engaged in criminal treason and gross violations of fundamental human rights and civil rights.They must be stopped and dismantled. The way to do that? President Trump must seize their domain names and stop their treason cold.See my emergency alert message here.P.S. Also today – a really amazing documentary series called “Eastern Medicine” is broadcasting starting Nov. 13th. It features censored cures, treatments, prevention methods and more, spanning numerous Eastern countries and thousands of years of natural medicine history. This is a must-watch docu-series. See the full announcement (and see the trailer) at this link.

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