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Billionaire pederast Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused oftrafficking in at least and perhaps as many as 103 underagefemales, according to documents filed in the U.S. FederalCourt in West Palm Beach, Florida, shared the tail number ofhis Bell Long Ranger 206L3 helicopter (tail number N474AW)with a U.S. State Department OV-10D Bronco. According tothe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registrationdatabase, Epstein’s Bell helicopter and the Bronco owned bythe U.S. State Department and contracted to the privatemilitary company Dyncorp for “counter-insurgency” and”counter-narcotics” operations in Larandia, Colombia usedthe same N474AW tail number.According to a flight manifest filed by Epstein’s pilot DavidRodgers on August 6, 2002, the Bell helicopter (N474AW)flew from Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico to the DoubleEagle II airport outside of Albuquerque.Complicating matters, is the fact that a Cessna Model P210Naircraft also uses tail number N474AW. That aircraft,according to FAA records, was registered with the tail numberN474AW on August 1, 2014 and is owned by CenturionAviation LLC, 677 Greentree Lane, Ada, Michigan.The previous plane listed by the FAA as a “Multiple Record”N474AW assignee was the Bronco used by Dyncorp undercontract to the owner: “United States Department of State,1038 S. Patrick Drive #985, Patrick Air Force Base, BrevardCounty, Florida 32925-3516.” The Bronco was reported bythe FAA to be registered on October 21, 1997 and de-registered on May 14, 2010. However, the Bronco registered

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as N474AW crashed while flying a drug eradication mission inColombia on February 6, 2006. The name of the pilot, whosurvived but was badly injured after ejecting, was notreleased due to “national security” reasons.Rodgers’s manifest for August 6, 2002 lists the Bell helicopterflight from Epstein’s Zorro Ranch to Double Eagle II as flyingunder the tail number of N474AW. It is also noteworthy thatunlike other Epstein planes piloted by Rodgers and whichincluded as passengers Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, modelNaomi Campbell, Clinton economic adviser Ira Magaziner,actor Kevin Spacey, Sandy Berger, and Larry Summers, nopassengers are listed on the Zorro to Double Eagle one-wayhelicopter flight.

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FAA records [top] and Epstein’s pilot’s flight manifest[bottom] indicate that Epstein’s Bell helicopter used the sametail number of N474AW. This was the same tail number useduntil 2006 by State Department contractor Dyncorp forcounter-insurgency operations in Latin AmericaThe congruence of Epstein’s Bell N474AW and Dyncorp’sBronco N474AW is noteworthy. In 2002, the year Epstein’saircraft fleet stands accused of flying underage teen girls,some between the ages of 12 and 15, coincides withDyncorp’s trafficking in underage females between the agesof 12 and 15 from Kosovo and Bosnia in the Balkans. OneDyncorp whistleblower reported to The Washington Times’sInsight magazine’s Kelly O’Meara in 2002 the following onone Dyncorp employee in Bosnia: “[he] owned a girl whocouldn’t have been more than 14 years old. It’s a sick sightanyway to see any grown man [having sex] with a child, butto see some 45-year-old man who weighs 400 pounds with alittle girl, it just makes you sick.”

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Tail number N474AW has been shared between Epstein’s Bellhelicopter [like the one pictured at left], Cessna [center], andState Department Bronco [right].The descriptions of sex between adult males and underagefemales by Dyncorp employees in Bosnia in the 2000-2002time frame coincides with descriptions of sex betweenEpstein and his influential friends and similarly-aged younggirls on Epstein’s aircraft and residences in Palm Beach,Florida; New Mexico; and on the island of Little Saint Jamesin the U.S. Virgin Islands. Among the “Jane Does” filing suitagainst the U.S. government for concluding a sweetheartNon-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) between Epstein, his co-conspirators, and the U.S. Justice Department are a numberof females with Slavic-sounding first names like “Tatianna”and “Natalya” and Slavic last names like Metrovitch,Malyshov, and Mulinska. Such names are found in countrieslike Bosnia and Kosovo, where Dyncorp employees were alsotrafficking in teenage girls.

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Epstein’s favorite sex slave, who he groomed to be hisspecial assistant and even his pilot, was recruited fromYugoslavia at the age of 14 in what was the very sameembattled former country where Dyncorp was active intrafficking girls of the same age.As with the Justice Department’s and FBI’s investigation ofEpstein, the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID)largely buried the investigation of Dyncorp and underagefemale trafficking. The connection of N474AW to both Epsteinand Dyncorp may be much more than mere coincidence. Inthe world of criminal investigations, this type of informationis known as “leads” that often connect to hard evidence ofcriminal conspiracies.


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 NY Times: Whatever Happened to Ghislaine Maxwell’s Plan to Save the Oceans?

The philanthropic works of Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend never materialized. Now, she’s being sued by one of his victims.

REBUTTAL BYThe fact that Sulzberger’s Slimes evidently feels compelled to run a “limited hangout” story such as this indicates to us that the unraveling of the Jeffrey Epstein / Mossad scandal did not end with his alleged “suicide” in a New York Federal prison. It now appears that (((they))) are now throwing his handler,Ghislaine Maxwell (cough cough) — the billioneress daughter of the late tycoon and Mossad asset Robert Maxwell — under the proverbial bus. In the game of chess, sometimes  even an important piece has to be sacrificed in order to protect the King.
As this article shows, albeit unintentionally, there is no exaggerating of the high-level-connectedness of child-sex traffickers / blackmailers Epstein & Maxwell. We are on the cusp of something which will either end up being a massive ‘Deep State” cover-up on the scale of the JFK assassination or the 9/11 false flags — or, the pulling of a loose thread which will, as Q Anon has promised, uncover the naked and vast Satanic ugliness of the West’s PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) in a manner which will render even the most TV-addle-brained Boobus shocked and sickened. Cautious optimism, boys and girls — cautious optimism.   1. Epstein with Maxwell. It is alleged that the two twisted demons would engage in “threesomes” with sex slaves as young as 14. //  2. Now fully stripped of her “behind-the-scenes” anonymity, Ms. Maxwell’s yachting days are over as she is said to now be self-confined in her latest boyfriend’s home in Massachusetts. // 3. That’s her at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. * 1. Maxwell with Nat Rothschild  // 2. With Elon Muskrat. Though the average Boobus-in-the-street (or in a suite) would not be able to appreciate the significance of both Epstein’s & Maxwell’s ties to the world-government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, regular readers of The Anti-New York Times certainly will. Some surprising revelations (surprising because the bewildered sheeple aren’t supposed to know about the mighty CFR) from this story:
“In 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell spoke at a Council on Foreign Relations event in Washington, D.C. She was there in her capacity as the founder of the TerraMar Project, an oceanic conservation group she started in 2012, according to a C.F.R. spokeswoman.The C.F.R. is one of the world’s most prestigious nonprofit think tanks. Among its officers and directors then were David Rockefeller, one of the modern era’s most revered philanthropists; Colin Powell; and Robert Rubin, the secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton.The TerraMar Project was an organization with an opaque website and a founder who happened to be the ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, the mysterious money manager who — in addition to being one of the C.F.R.’s “Chairman’s Circle” donors for at least six years — had pleaded guilty in 2008 to state charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor.“We were unaware of the allegations against Ms. Maxwell at the time of the event,” the C.F.R. spokeswoman wrote in an email. The spokeswoman added that Mr. Epstein’s membership was revoked in 2009, because he did not pay his membership dues while in jail.” Of course, the article fails to mention that members of the Sulzberger Clan, and a whole bunch of Slimes reporters, columnists and editors have, over the past 100 years, been members of the CFR. Nonetheless, there is still quite a mouthful to chew on in that bit of “limited hangout” for it demonstrates the intersection of one-worldism, fake environmentalism and child-sex perversion / trafficking. Though not all of the “elites” are into the type of really sicko stuff that we can only imagine to have occured on Epstein’s demonic island; they all damn well know that this type of debauchery happens — but they don’t bloody damn care because the wayward teen daughters of we of “the masses” don’t count for jack-shit in their eyes! This is evidenced by the fact that well-known TV news personalities Little Georgie Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric (both CFR members themselves here) attended a 2010 dinner event a Epstein’s New York townhome/palace just one year afterEpstein had gotten out of jail after having been convicted of “sex offenses” with teenage girls.
  1. The Shadows of Power, by James Perloff (holding book) was a book about The Council on Foreign Relation which started your reporter here down the long road to enlightenment back in 1990. // 2. Ms. Maxwell and “his holiness” the Gyalwang Drukpa at Neil DeGrasshole Tyson’s “Climate Change”  panel discussion in 2014 in New York City. // 3. CFR “elite” journalists Little Georgie & Commie Katie knew exactly who CFR donor Epstein was and what he did to little girls. They don’t care because the abuse was of ordinary girls. *Georgie and Katie each have two young daughters.
 As previously stated, this loose thread will either be cut off at some point — or, if yanked upon until the slack runs out, unravel the terrible tapestry concealing everything from child sacrifice to 9/11 to JFK and so much more.Though we are confident at this time that some big names are indeed sweating about now; just remember, that in the grand scheme of things, as delightful as it would be to see the likes of a Killary Clinton or Barack Obongo arrested one day in the not-too-distant future — unless the really grand evil and the true masters of the planet are exposed; then this will all have been just entertainment. Let’s see where this goes. Cautious optimism… cautious optimism..   Though the unraveling of Mossad / CIA Epstein-Maxwell operation may be fun to watch — it will all be just meaningless fun & games unless the truly monstrous stuff depicted above (which is all related) is finally fully exposed.  *  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Epstein and his female partner-in-crime had close ties to some elite think-tank called the Council on Foreign Relations.Boobus Americanus 2: This story just gets weirder and weirder.    *St. Sugar: Ya ain’t seen nuthin yet, Boobuss! Editor: It must ALL come out. COMMENTS / FEEDBACK / INSULTS / KUDOS  Email address:Comments:

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