Analysts Eyeing $2,000 an Ounce For Gold, Bitcoin Predicted to Hit $75,000

Why gold’s ‘strong undercurrent’ has some analysts eyeing $2,000 an ounceYahoo Finance
“Gold has benefited from a spate of supportive factors over the past few months, and some bulls now see the precious metal making a climb to a record high of $2,000 an ounce….’There has been a strong undercurrent of demand for gold,’ said Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter. ‘Even as short term factors like the China trade dispute may come and go, longer-term investors are confident that the issues of monetary debasement and other geopolitical factors will continue to impact the market.’….Concerns over a possible recession, sparked by the recent inversion of the yield curve for the 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields, some weak global economic data, and the U.S. Federal Reserve’s first interest-rate cut since 2008, have dressed up gold’s appeal as a haven. But Stan Bharti, chief executive officer of private merchant bank Forbes & Manhattan, doesn’t believe that gold is moving up because of short-term market fears. It’s a move that’s been a long time coming…He expects gold prices to top $2,000 by the end of next year…More near term, Bharti sees gold jumping from $1,480 to $1,600 in the next quarter.”

Global Finances go into The Matrix

August 8, 2019

8-7-2019 Prediction – The Financial World is changing – FedNow and Quantum Financial System is our global future, money will be all digital – say bye to paper dollar bills!!! AS I’ve said for years in my Blog “In the Future you’ll need cash, credit and precious metals.” One day cash will be black market, that you can spend undetected. All digital will be monitored and taxed automatically.

The Predictions Below are a sample from Michelle Whitedove’s Patreon Subscription Service her 21 page Crypto Coin Reading Report dated  06 August  2019

By Michelle Whitedove

Disclaimer: This is not investment or legal advice and is for entertainment only. Cryptos are not my area of expertise, although this is helpful as I carry no bias. In a similar way, when I work cases, it’s best when I don’t know anything about the case. This way, opinions don’t influence my mind as information flows from Spirit; it’s important that I stay impartial. REMEMBER only spend your disposable cash, never use your life savings, and never bet on time frames.

NOTE: Team Whitedove (TW) asks the questions then Michelle answers

SOME CRYPTOCOIN READINGS and Global Predictions for You

By Michelle Whitedove, 6 Aug 2019

Crypto Market Time Prediction:  Well I still feel good about September 2019.  But I want to share more….

Bitcoin Price Prediction:  I will give you a very conservative time line.  Bitcoin will be over $20,000 before spring of next year.  Sometime during the Winter.  It’ll be past it’s all time high before winter is over.  I can say it’ll be past it’s all time high by spring of next year

Over $50,000 During Next Summer, before next Fall ABOUT 5 X FROM NOW.  It will likely overshoot this and settle back down for a bit.  I see the Really Good Alts doing very well about the time of my “Over $20K During this Winter, before Spring” prediction.  But trying to time when the really good alts outperform BTC is not a game I would even remotely consider.  Different premium alts popping up at different times.  It’s not like some magic switch like people think.  I am sorry I cannot give you a day, if I could everyone would know it and then it wouldn’t work out anyway (I don’t expect that to make sense to everyone and that is okay.  What matters is spirit will not give me a day).

Bitcoin leads the pack until it doesn’t which is under a year away.  And so in the short run BTC dominance can climb before the trend of BTC dominance going up reverses and falls.  It will fall.  I see if falling.  Lower and lower.  But make no mistake Bitcoin is GOOD.  All ALTS are not going to catch a bid.  Many are going away.  Only the good ones.  The good ones run when most people think “BTC is the right answer or only good answer or start saying “I should have just got Bitcoin” and the investments in even the good Alts were a mistake.”  That talk is already brewing but the time is not yet.  It needs to be on boil where most of people are jumping on that band wagon.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 6 Aug 2019:  How high?  I’m given a very specific number, spirit shows it reaches $70,000. Wow.  I can’t believe they just shared that.  I told you if they show it to me, I’ll give it to you.  Everyone always wants to know, well now everyone can stop speculating.  It’ll go to $70,000.  THE NUMBER I JUST SAW WAS 70.  Not $100,000.  Not $1M.  It’s a clear $70K.  Yeah. I feel that it has the potential to just keep going like crazy where it’s like one of the best things to have.  But in the end, Bitcoin Cash wins the race between them–I still hold my ground on that. It’s weird everyone thinks that I’m lying.  How long have I been saying.  Way before others, right.  Spirit shared that with me, which others are saying they felt the same way, but they didn’t.  But you know the deal, it isn’t me, it’s all spirit.  But I’ll tell you they see it all.  But they are only going to give you what you need, not everything you think you need or want.  You don’t need any more info to crush it, but people will just have to try and find a way to read into things and get crazy.  Well I should say some people.  We have a lot of people in here that will be successful because they have learned how to calm themselves and not try to get fancy. 

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