The Bitter Truth About the U.S. ‘Economic Recovery’

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EIR Releases Special Package:

The Bitter Truth About the U.S. ‘Economic Recovery’

July 4, 2109 (EIRNS)—Due to the urgency of the subject matter covered, EIR has issued a special pre-release offprint of the forthcoming July 12 issue of Executive Intelligence Review, “The Bitter Truth About the U.S. ‘Economic Recovery.’ ” In it, you will find a series of articles which are but a shallow scratch into the surface of the most devastating physical economic breakdown ever experienced by the United States. When you read these reports—and there are crucial areas like energy supply, water management, education, and health care that are not even touched upon here—you might first imagine that you are reading a report about some other planet in the midst of a Dark Age.

But as you read this report, ask yourself: Aren’t you experiencing precisely the effects documented there? You might then begin to consider all of the hysteria in the U.S. media about the horrible “authoritarian regime” in China, where, in reality, 800,000,000 people have been lifted out of poverty, hundreds of shining new cities have been constructed, trains are being developed which travel at 600 kph (375 mph), and millions of children are playing the violin and piano, and you might look at yourself, and the conditions you have tolerated, with a new perspective.

Therefore, an urgent decision stands before the people of the United States, in particular. We must face the magnitude of the problem squarely to muster the courage to demand the solution. Following the case studies detailing the collapse of different physical sectors of the United States economy is a call for action, accompanying an article written by LaRouche, in which he lays out “Four Laws” to save the United States. He states that these laws are “Not an Option: An Immediate Necessity.” We think you will agree with that sentiment by the time you have finished reading this report.View the Report
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