Protective Pigmentation Doesn’t Protect Holohoax Deniers

A recent report estimated that Jewish people made up about a third of the population in South Palm Beach County, where Spanish River Community High School is located.

NY Times: Principal Who Tried to Stay ‘Politically Neutral’ About Holocaust Is Removed

REBUTTAL BYThe song that never ends about the event that never happened has just chimed the sound of doom for yet another “Holocaust Denier .” Actually, in this case, the sacrificial victim wasn’t even a “denier,” — just merely neutral on the issue. From the article:
“A high school principal in Florida has been removed from his position over his refusal to state that the Holocaust was a factual historical event, saying that he had to stay “politically neutral” about the World War II-era genocide of six million Jews.Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened,” the principal, William Latson of Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton, Fla., wrote in an email exchange with an unidentified parent in April 2018.”You see — now even “Holocaust “I-don’t-knowism” is also grounds for career destruction! 1. Not even Principal Latson’s protective pigmentation could save him from being disciplined for his doubting. // 2. The ever-angry chosenites will not tolerate any doubt about the Holohoax.
 Mr. Latson’s comments set off a firestorm among the “usual suspects” of Jew-heavy South Florida. Like a swarm of loony locusts, thousands of (((these people))) signed an online demanding Mr. Latson’s scalp. As youse guys might expect, the Palm Beach County school district then announced that the dangerous “I-Don’t-Knowist” would be stripped of his position as principal and demoted to another job. (Had he been a white guy, there’d be no other lesser job available for him at all.)Florida is among the states that requires all school districts to subject their captive student inmates to the mind-rape of Holohoax “education.” The article quotes Matthew C. Levin, the president of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County: “This is a community that is brittle, that is very sensitive to crimes of hate, crimes of violence and anti-Semitism. It’s not something we can accept in our society. We have to have zero tolerance.” “Zero tolerance” for the mere thought crime of “I-Don’t-Knowism,” eh Levin? Tell us the truth, greaseball — you’d have Mr. Latson tortured and executed if you could, wouldn’t you? Just like your revolutionary Bolshevik ancestors did to millions of Russian “anti-Semites” 100 years ago.
Karen M. Brill, a Jew member of the school board, added: “The trust has been broken and an apology will never erase the damage caused by his comments. Staying neutral and refusing to state that the Holocaust is a fact is the type of thing that leads to anti-Semitism.”No, Ms. Brill. It is (and always has been) the obnoxious, controlling, confrontational behavior of (((you people))) that leads to “anti-Semitism .”  1. The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County rules that county. // 2. Matt Levin: “We have to have zero tolerance.” // 3. Karen Brill: “Neutrality cannot be tolerated.” (((These people))) and their “zero tolerance”  for truth, justice and the American way have inflicted great personal financial damage to many free thinkers, including yours truly. And, with their Fake News behind them, they just keep getting bolder and bolder with each passing year. Hopefully, a righteous threat issued by Little Joey Goebbels, one which came to pass and actually lasted for 12 years, will apply again one day in the future. Though it sure doesn’t seem that will be happening anytime soon.Goebbels:“One day we will lose our patience and we will shut their dirty lying Jewish mouths.”Tell it, Herr Goebbels. Tell it!   Goebells knew that (((these people))) had to be brought under control if Germans were ever going to reclaim their liberty. 
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today about a High School principal who was removed for refusing to acknowledge the Holocaust.
Boobus Americanus 2: What’s wrong with these Holocaust Deniers? Everyone knows that Hitler killed 6 million Jews in the gas chambers. * Editor: “Gas chambers” which, as even the Jew “scholars” now concede, tested negative for any trace of lethal substance.
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