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Help for Whistleblower Randal Turner

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Meet Randy Turner. Randy is a vet, was used (unwillingly) as a CIA operative and an MK Ultra mind control victim. Drugs, torture and sexual stimulation were used on Randy to program him by the CIA. William Colby, George Bush Sr., Stansfield Turner and many others in positions of power, turned Randy into what is known as an MKUltra mind control slave.  As hard as it is for American citizens to believe their own government would do this to a child, and use him throughout his life as a mind control slave, we ask you to look at the evidence to realize it would be impossible to make up such a story.  The magnitude of his training, knowledge and experiences goes far beyond the imagination. He has proof of his claims – photos and video footage – which were used in court where he proved that he was at the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt (pictured above). His intel on those involved in corruption within the US Government exposes presidents, the FBI, the CIA, the DOD, as well as, high profile celebrities.

In 2010-11 Randy was drugged with memory erasing drugs to cover up what he knew and to keep him from millions in settlement money he won in court.  In 2014 Randy started to recall his past.  Thinking he was losing his mind, he went in for a scan of his brain to see if he had a tumor, or something else, causing these memories. Everyone around him claimed he was crazy but nothing was found that would cause these memories. Randy was sent to a mental health clinic where he explained his memories. It was during these sessions that Randy began to realize these people knew much more than they were letting on.  Accusations were made that he was going to take his information to the authorities that he believed were not involved.  The counselor evaluating him left the room claiming she needed to use the facilities and 5 minutes later law enforcement arrived cuffing Randy and transferred him to a mental facility. The following day he was taken into a court room where they had a court psychologist speak to him for a mere 5 minutes.  She then went on the stand and claimed he suffered from a mental disorder involving delusions.  In the years, after being released, Randy investigated these memories to try to find something to confirm what he was recalling.  Randy found photo and video evidence and spoke with a number of people who witnessed the events he recalled.  He has since recalled a great deal of his past with evidence to back it up.  No attorney is willing to help and all law enforcement agencies ignore his calls and are unwilling to meet with him to go over this information. 

The following video shows Randal Turner in the back of the patrol car that they tried to place Hinckley into. The official report claimed the door lock was broken but, as you can see in the first few seconds of the video, a person reaches over to lock the door after the officer unlocked it to place Hinckley into the back seat. This was used in court during Randy’s trial proving he was telling the truth and that the government tried to lie.

Randy is a Targeted Individual because of his past so making sure he is not able to make a reasonable, decent living is part of his targeting. Yes, the cabal does have that kind of power! As well, coping with his memories is more than any human should have to deal with. He has been posting his memories as they return and he needs our help while going through this recall so he may share more of his story.

It is for these reasons that I am reaching out and asking for your compassion to help Randy. Everyone needs someone to care! Share   Tweet

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