Why, on June 5, did YouTube suddenly remove a LaRouche PAC video which had been posted since 2010? Entitled “The ‘Special Relationship’ is for Traitors,” the video documented British perfidy against our country and the world. Does it have something to do with the fact that British intelligence and the British government now stand exposed as the driving force behind the attempted coup against President Trump, and that Trump is increasingly challenging the not-so-special-relationship?

Last Thursday, LaRouche PAC’s Barbara Boyd went public with the whole story behind the new regime of censorship, being carried out by YouTube, Facebook, and Google, at Britain’s behest.  Among other bombshells, she revealed that, since 2013, it has been legal for the U.S. government to target its own citizens with active propaganda measures — thanks to a Congress obeying the demands of the Obama Administration and British Intelligence. Today, British assets within the Trump Administration are targeting you and the President with these measures.

Perhaps our expose revealed a little too much bare British behind. Within 48 hours, our video was back on YouTube.

Watch the “The ‘Special Relationship’ is for Traitors.” 

(Before they ban it again!)

In 15 minutes, you will gain a better understanding of what the enemies of this nation fear, than a lifetime spent searching on Google. And you will understand why Lyndon LaRouche was targeted 30 years ago by Robert Mueller, with the same lies that he is peddling on Capitol Hill today.

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