Tony Rodham Who Looted Haitian Gold Died Friday Night

JUNE 8, 2019

Brother of Hillary Clinton, Tony Rodham, Passed Friday, June 7

Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother passed over on Friday night. Coincidence? Why is this relevant?

There isn’t a lot of positive feedback on Twitter about him, that’s for sure.  ~ BP

Robby Starbuck@robbystarbuck

The amount of corruption Tony Rodham was involved in is crazy. He helped pillage gold from Haiti while sister was Secretary of State and the country was in ruins. It’s uncomfortable when someone dies to tell the truth but this piece is who Tony Rodham was. …4,9211:01 PM – Jun 8, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacyTeflon Tony Rodham, the Clintons’ Shady IdSitting in a courtroom three years ago, after skipping out on a sizable legal bill, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s youngest brother struck a reassuring tone: Don’t worry, the money is coming. “I deal thr…

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