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MONDAY / APRIL 8, 2019


Stephen Moore founded the conservative Club for Growth// Herman Cain, a former pizza executive, sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.NY Times: What’s at Risk if the Fed Becomes as Partisan as the Rest of Washington

REBUTTAL BYTrump’s effort to appoint two political allies to the Board of the Federal Reserve, a year after already having named the Board’s first non-Jewish Chairman in many years, has got Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press suddenly worried about the “politicization” of the fraudulent Fed. Of course, there were no such fears when Bennie Bernanke (cough cough) and then Janet Yellen (cough cough) kept the “Prime Rate” near zero for 8 years for the sole purpose of propping up the moribund economy of that shit-stain Obongo —  or when Alan Greenslime (cough cough) squeezed the economy under Papa George Bush so that a pair of even nastier Deep Staters, Bill and Killary Clinton, could run and win with the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid” — or when Fed Chairman Eugene Meyer(cough cough) choked off the money supply during the Depression so badly that President Herbert Hoover ended up losing in an historic landslide to Franklin Demono Rosenfeld.No. Those manipulations, on behalf of Demonrat communists, never happened, according to The Slimes. But it has happened, and it was also the plan for taking down Trump as well — something which the ANYT not only warned about soon after Trump took office; but the Slimes itself let slip out — before Trump was even inaugurated —  with this headline from December 13, 2016: NY Times:A Trump Economic Boom? The Fed May Stand in the Way(here) Yenta Yellen was plotting to choke the economy by tightening the money supply (leaving us debt slaves with fewer dollars to pay back existing debt) thus killing any “Trump recovery” in its cradle. But the maestro had plans of his own for the fraudulent Fed. Much to the dismay of all of Libtardia, the nasty dwarf Yellen is out (Trump denied her a second term); the Gentile Powell is in, and Gentiles Cain and Moore are on now their way to provide even more protection for Trump  — and the Slimes isn’t happy about it.   1. Jew Fed Chair Eugene Meyer squeezed Herbert Hoover’s monetary testicles until most Americans came to blame Hoover, not the Fed, for their misery. After FDR swept into power, Meyer stepped down as Fed Chairman and purchased the bankrupt Washington Post — which his daughter, Katherine Meyer Graham, and grandson, Donald Graham, ran until recently. // 2. Jew Fed Chair Alan Greenslime’s manipulations put Bill Clinton in office //  3. Jew Janet Yellen was out to sink Trump, until Trump sunk her. During the 2016 campaign, Trump made mention of the importance of auditing the Federal Reserve. He tweeted in February of 2016:“It is so important to audit The Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done.”And Roger Stone, one of Trump’s unofficial campaign adviser and staunch supporter, had this to say about what a Trump presidency would bring:“’I suspect you’d get an audit of the Fed… Trump has never said that, but I know his views. He doesn’t trust anything he is hearing out of Washington… he is the last best chance for reform,’ Stone added.”Could Trump actually be setting the stage for such a bold move, perhaps for his 2nd term? Could this be the reason why Trump has demonstrated such an unusual affinity for Andrew Jackson — the hero who killed the 2nd Central Bank of America? Oh the unholy hell that would break loose in the Piranha Press if the inner sanctum of the beast system was ever fully investigated! We’ll believe it when we see it. Until then — cautious optimism Headline: Politifact: What’s up with Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson?“If it were possible to have a bromance across the centuries, Presidents Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump would almost certainly qualify.Repeatedly over the past year, Trump has invoked and praised his predecessor in the White House, who served from 1829 to 1837. In addition to various mentions in remarks and on Twitter, Trump placed a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office and made a pilgrimage to the late president’s tomb in Nashville less than two months after being sworn in.”   Donald loves Andrew — A “Sicilian Message” to The Fed? // Read “Andrew the Great” by M S King (here) Thanks to Obongo, we almost lost Jackson to Aunt Jemima (Harriet Tubman) on the $20 bill. Trump stopped the switch which was due to take place in 2020. 
 Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today’s New York Times that Trump is trying to stack the Federal Reserve Board.Boobus Americanus 2: That’s outrageous. The Fed has always remained independent of politics and it should stay that way. * St. Sugar:  I’ll let my new friend handle thiss one.St. Charles Lindbergh Sr.: “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President (Woodrow Wilson) signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”. Editor: Tell it, Mr. Lindbergh. Tell it!
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