Robert Pickton: Cannibalism Feasts & Satanism in Deep State


News & Politics

Might as well acknowledge Satanism is the source of Cannibalism is the source of pedogate is the source of power that runs the world Candidates are filmed in satanic rites including murdering children & babies The more powerful the permission, the greater the heresy is required & documented This is all for blackmail & control to run the world Greek Fraternities, Universities, Military, Professional Groups, Banker Cabals, Energy & TeleComm are led by ‘placed’ leaders that have thoroughly lost their humanity in exchange for their current position of power. Not ALL leaders are DeepState, but the great majority account for the global network in place. GTW had its epiphany in 11/2016 that the worsening pedogate phenomenon was firmly seated in satanism and demonic worship. Eating of babies is the exalted rite of the most powerful. Those who thrive on these acts, rise & stay in power – while those who wake up to their humanity fall away ridiculed, destroyed, & often murdered. Why focus on the negative aspects of the world? This sickness creates a HUGE market that is killing our children, our way of life, and, frankly, our and spirit. Hundreds, if not thousands are pulled away in to this darkest of worlds. We’re just getting started on the revelation of what goes on while we involve ourselves with false reality. We’ve been sent out on vacation, while the house is robbed, chidlren raped & eaten, animals are fed to us, & the only God we have is a cell phone that spies on us.

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