Ukraine Has Become Bolshevik After the Obama-Clinton-Nuland Coup

Kirill Vyshinsky, Imprisoned in Ukraine for Practicing Journalism (radio interview)by Eva BartlettVery grateful to Phil Taylor of The Taylor Report for having me on the show yesterday to speak about the case of Kirill Vyshinsky, imprisoned without trial in Ukraine since May 2018. [LISTEN HERE]
The Taylor Report writes:”Feat. Eva Bartlett, independent journalist and rights activist, author of 
Phil interviews Eva Bartlett concerning her interviews with broadcaster/journalist, Kirill Vyshinsky, and his lawyer, Andriy Domanskyy. 
Vyshinsky has been in custody in Kiev, Ukraine, since May 2018 without trial. Human rights groups have had little to say about Vyshinsky, since they practice a double-standard when journalists are perceived as political adversaries of the West. 
Vyshinsky has been charged with high treason by Ukrainian security forces though the news agency he leads, RIA Novosti Ukraine, publishes a wide range of articles by journalists both for and against the current government of Ukraine, which was installed by a US-supported coup in 2014. 
Bartlett discusses the many irregularities of Ukrainian justice in Vyshinsky’s case. She also investigates the possibility that his continuing incarceration might be connected with the upcoming Ukrainian election, and the scheme to try to swap Vyshinsky for a Ukrainian charged with espionage in Russia.”Note: My interview with Andriy Domansky will be published on Mint Press News in the next day or two. 

My Comment: Bolsheviks were anti-Russian Christians and they murdered 50-60 Million Russian Christians and Ukraine is run by Bolshevik supporting ZIONISTS & their puppets. Dissidents are jailed and tortured in 1,000’s of Soviet (ZIONIST OCCUPIED) Gulags. Thank you Hillary, Obama and Nuland; I hope you all go to prison for Treason & Sedition.

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