Proof Rothschild ZIONIST Israel Ever So Determined NOT to Have Peace No Matter What the Cost

Israeli Justice Minister: Trump peace plan endangers settlementsby TUT Editor

Ayelet Shaked warns Trump peace plan includes evacuation of Judea, Samaria, settlements, calls for right-wing voters to ‘come home.’

ed note–again, the Gentile with a keen inclination towards surviving in a world today governed east to west north to south by Jewish interests needs to read between the lines in divining exactly what it is that Shaked is really saying–

1. In the various cryptic statements Trump’s team has made about his UPD, it has been made crystal clear that the settlements will remain. As a wheeler-dealer, and particularly as someone who has spent his entire business career wheeling and dealing with the most difficult group of people in the world, Trump knows a ‘deal killer’ when he sees one, and advocating that Israel give up the settlements is as much a non-starter as using orange juice as fuel for a Mercedes.

And Shaked knows this, but MUST do what all Jews do when called to the negotiating table where they know pressure is going to be put on them that might result in them being forced into concessions that will frustrate their future plans–screech, rend their robes, and gnash their teeth.

In this case though, perhaps there is more to this than is apparent on a merely superficial level. Perhaps the ‘settlements’ which Trump’s peace plan ‘endangers’ are those with names such as–






etc, etc, etc.

As it is with those of the Hebraic persuasion, their capacity for dishonesty and for bending truth into a pretzel is a like a bottomless pit that opens up into the infernal netherworld below and where can be found–in the words of Jesus Christ Himself–‘their father the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies’. Read more of this post

My Comment: Jesus Christ spake of ZIONISTS-the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN who called Theirselves ‘Jews’ but were not.

How They Do It– ‘Let’s NOT Make a Deal!’by TUT Editor

Hijacking Trump’s Peace Deal of the Century

ed note–the author of this meme, an insane, Torah-observant Hebrew going by the name Yonaton Behar and living in the Torah-observant terrorist settlement of Har Bracha is the very same insane, Torah-observant Hebrew who earlier this week, published another meme threatening Trump’s son-in-law Kushner with dismemberment for participating as a Jew in the proposed ‘peace deal’ which Trump, Inc wants to see implemented, to wit–

Now, in the most recent meme published by this insane, Torah-observant Hebrew pic’d at the very top, he is obviously playing on the old Monty Hall thing of ‘Let’s Make a Deal’, which of course seems harmless enough when considered only at the superficial level, but which–as it is in virtually all cases where Jews are communicating amongst each other–obviously carries with it much more nuanced language that has to be studied and understood in order to get the entire picture.

What he–this insane, Torah-observant Hebrew–has done is to take a picture of Trump’s head and place it atop what was (presumably) a pic of Monty Hall, the obvious intimation being an extension of the same theme as the previous pic of Kushner, i.e. of dismemberment, but also, more specifically as it relates to Trump, ‘decapitation’ as in Trump losing his place as POTUS through all the legal/political turmoil presently taking place in the US.

What is most distressing about this is that as of today–a full 5 days since the original threat posted by this insane, Torah-observant Hebrew against Trump’s chief negotiator for this ‘deal of the century’ was published on the Israel National News website, a google search of the number of websites/writers/analysts who picked up on this obvious threat to do physical violence in order to prevent this ‘ultimate peace deal’ has turned up–

drum role please–

one website.


And people wonder why we find ourselves in the mess we are in…


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TUT Editor | March 3, 2019 at 12:53 pm

U.S. House Judiciary Committee headed by powerful pro-Israel Jew Nadler launches probe into possible obstruction of justice charges by Trumpby TUT Editor

‘It’s very clear that the president obstructed justice, and before you impeach somebody, you have to persuade the American public that it ought to happen’

ed note–again, the ‘simple math’ here that seems to elude the very elementary understanding of so many–

If–as so many unlettered ‘experts’ maintain–that ‘Trump, Inc’ is a mere sub-corporation of Judea Inc, that he was put into the White House by these Jewish interests to do their bidding as was obviously the case with his predecessors, then these same Jewish interests would not be going to the come-hell-or-high-water lengths they are in trying–

1. To prevent his nomination/election, and now,

2. Seeing him removed and replaced with his Christian Zionist VP.

Every president beginning with JFK who has dared go down the same dangerous road of attempting to rein in the Maccabean Resurrection has met with the same fate–incurring the wrath of Judea and paying the heaviest price for it in either their corporal assassination such as JFK or the less-dramatic yet just as effective political equivalent of failed election campaigns, including Nixon, Ford, Carter, GHWB, and Clinton.

And Trump is no different, and those same aforementioned unlettered ‘experts’ whose one-dimensional vision is so limited in clarity as to miss this fire-breathing Godzilla in the room need to be as respected for their analysis as if they were divining all their predictions from the same ball of hair that the character ‘Jim’ used to use in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.

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