Google Allied With DARPA to Use Facial Recognition With Drones; FOIA Denied (or Weaponized AI & Drones to Be Used Against Americans)

Is this why they’re covering up this information? Below, how this technology can be used as slaughterbots against dissidents.

Patty,When journalists discovered Google was secretly building A.I. to pilot and target lethal drone strikes called Project Maven, the public was furious.It’s been about a year since those bombshell revelations were uncovered, and we still don’t know the full scope of Project Maven and Google’s involvement with the Pentagon. Why? Because the Pentagon insists that Project Maven is immune to any and all FOIA requests.1Tell the Pentagon: Stop blocking FOIA requests about Google’s Project Maven.FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests are crucial to government transparency and a key tool for journalists and activists to hold the government accountable for what they do behind closed doors.Under the secretive Project Maven, we now know that Google was contracting with the government to build A.I. to automate lethal drones strikes anywhere in the world. But the scope of the program, its accuracy, and its risk of false-positives mistakenly killing innocent people are still largely unknown.The Pentagon says that they over 5,000 pages of relevant material regarding Google’s Project Maven – but every single one of the is exempt from disclosure.We, the public, deserve to know more information about the lethal weapons program Google was cooking up with the Pentagon.Tell the Pentagon: Stop blocking FOIA requests about Google’s Project Maven.Thanks for taking action,

Tihi and the team at Demand Progress

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