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Cancer solved? A tour through 7 Asian nations documents Eastern cancer protocols
A new documentary film has just been announced that documents the holistic cancer treatments across 7 Asian nations, including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and India.We know the team that produced this documentary, and I’ve seen some of the footage… it’s astonishing. Extremely well-produced, this film is worth of international prizes for filmmaking. Yet because of extreme tech censorship, it will be banned everywhere.We’ve got the direct line to the film producers and have arranged for you to see the full film at no cost, in just a few days. Registration is required, and it’s open today.Get full details here.
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Sponsor: There is one protein that can restart your “slow metabolism”, and no, it’s not fish
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More of Today’s ArticlesBy getting away with a hate crime hoax, Jussie Smollett paves the way for future hoaxes that will one day lead to massive unrest and civil war
Democrats and their Left-wing base are determined to plunge our country into its second civil war one way or the other, judging by the way they stoke hatred, division, and violence among …“Alleged” hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett has his charges dropped by a black prosecutor who believes he should be above the law
If you live in Chicago and you don’t have to remain there for your work, it might be a good idea for you to find somewhere else to live. And while you’re at it, you might just vacate Illinois …Deconstructing the 3 biggest lies that attack organic farming
Oh yes they did. There’s now a so-called “study” that’s been done which supposedly determined that organic farming creates a much bigger carbon footprint that torques up …Without the Electoral College, middle America will be forgotten and ignored as all candidates pander to the liberal masses in coastal cities
Under normal circumstances, conservatives could take heart that all of the things the Left-wing Democrats are doing to undermine our electoral processes and government institutions is a sign that …What would really happen if things went down? Counting down the 10 most likely things that’ll happen when SHTF
We live in an unstable world, where even countries that look financially and politically stable can suddenly descend into chaos. Venezuela is an excellent – albeit sad – example of this. Once the …After Google manipulated search results and the Leftist media hawked the Russian collusion hoax, we should have a midterm election redo
While Democrats lost a couple of seats in the Senate, the party managed to wrestle control of the House from the GOP during the 2018 elections. House control, we’re told, often shifts parties …YouTube vegan video celebrities exposed for secretly eating meat after experiencing health problems
There was a time in the not too distant past that a person actually had to work really hard and excel at something before they became famous. Whether it was winning gold at the Olympics, being a …How toxic is tattoo ink, exactly?
In contemporary society, the actual edgy, rebellious non-conformists are those who have completely refrained from getting involved with body art. With tattoos enjoying increasing popularity among …What is liver cirrhosis? (and is alcohol always the cause of it?)
Cirrhosis is a term for advanced liver scarring. For the most part, it’s usually associated with drinking too much over time — and for good reason. According to data from the Centers for …Yes, men and women are physiologically different, and new science proves it
In a world where the obvious differences between the genders is no longer enough, even studying what makes men and women different causes controversy. Recently published research underscoring the …Study confirms long-term consumption of sugary drinks cause liver damage
Sodas are generally considered bad for the health, and sodas that contain aspartame — commonly used in sodas — are even worse. In a study published in the journal Nutrition Research, it …Natural all the way: Experts urge healthy lifestyle choices for middle-aged women struggling with menopause symptoms and weight gain
Reviewing the weight gain risks that hound women during their midlife has encouraged researchers at The Mayo Clinic to give out a series of recommendations to lessen the menopausal challenges …Reverse cardiovascular disease with cherries
When you hear about all the different ways you can raise your risk of cardiovascular disease, it’s tempting to think that suffering from it is nearly inevitable. After all, you might be able to …Highly resistant diseases are wiping out the world’s amphibians: Massive die-off of frogs is leaving a gaping hole in the food chain
A new study has recently called attention to the prevalence of an infectious disease that has been killing off scores of amphibian life in the United States. According to a recent study conducted …Probiotics and yogurt exhibit potential anti-schistosomal, hepatoprotective properties
Researchers from Saudi Arabia and Egypt evaluated the effects of probiotic or yogurt supplementation on oxidative stress and hepatic fibrosis in mice induced by the parasite Schistosoma mansoni. …Toilet etiquette when SHTF: Why it matters
When SHTF, you need to still wipe your butt. The collapse of modern society aside, it is necessary that you still maintain good sanitary practices so that you stay alive. Without proper …Large-scale study reveals that acupuncture reduces the risk of coronary heart disease
Acupuncture is a widely used alternative medicine for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, but its effectiveness on preventing coronary heart disease (CHD) in people with RA has not been …New magnet technology called HyMag could pave the way for affordable, eco-friendly electric- and hybrid-powered vehicles
Electric and hybrid cars have long billed themselves as the “green” alternative to gas-powered vehicles. But in more recent times, the electric vehicle industry has come under fire for …Changing your dog’s regimen can help address food allergies
Dogs tend to gobble up most food items placed in front of them, including certain types of human food that are not the least bit dog-friendly. You might be aware of food items that are toxic to …Noise pollution threatening the food supply? Human-generated underwater noise found to disrupt the ability for fish to school
Fish generally cluster together and move as one because they need cohesion and coordination when it comes to exchanging information like where to find food sources and how to avoid …Researchers develop high-energy magnesium batteries that can store more energy
A recent breakthrough in magnesium-based energy storage technology promised to make the tried-and-tested design much more competitive with lithium-ion systems. The updated battery achieved its …

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