Buddy Webb Home Break-ins Via Tunnel (They’re All Over The United States)


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I think we can all agree that if I wasn’t shot with my gun then I was shot with another gun which would mean somebody came to my home and shot me, right? This is a fact which doesn’t require pictures of a tunnel and isn’t based on my testimony. The evidence shows that I was either shot with my gun or I wasn’t. REPEATED BURGLARIES AT THIS HOME. The previous owner dies mysteriously a few weeks before I move in and my first report to the police for a burglary was 14 months before I was shot. In fact, I had called the police, the TX Rangers, the FBI and the DEA about these repeating felonies before Jan 28, 2012. CALLED THE DEA FROM 432-209-6494 About two weeks before I was shot, I called the El Paso DEA and then the Midland DEA and I reported a suspected tunnel going from my home to a nearby secluded trucking lane where I now believe that human trafficking was going on. My phone records will prove this phone call so please check. Two weeks later on Jan 28, 2012, I was shot in my home where the entrance and exit wounds were two inches above ground level. The evidence shows that I was not shot with my gun. SECRET POLICE CAUGHT IN MY HOME After I returned from the hospital, I found pictures of police in my home on the day after I was shot but the police report showed no police were here. I sent these pictures to the police, the TX Rangers, the FBI and the Attorney General but nobody would name them. I finally nicknamed them the Secret Police and offered a reward. Six years went by when Empire Private Investigations claimed the reward money and named all 11. They were from different counties, states and agencies.

SIZE OF PELLETS The lab report showed that the size of pellets removed from my foot were 2.5 sizes different than what was in my gun. That alone is proof enough that I wasn’t shot with my gun but it still doesn’t tell us what gun that I was shot with. When I returned from the hospital, I found that all of my guns and my ammunition was taken from my home except one spare shotgun shell that had been overlooked. This one shell is what told me the size of pellets that was in my gun. CSI Marty Barrett listed four live shells from my gun as evidence but he conveniently omitted the size of pellets. Their was another half dozen spare shotgun shells in my closet that were STOLEN along with my voice recorder. The Secret Police knew that I hadn’t been shot with my gun and the size of the pellets in the shells would prove it. NO EMPTY SHOTGUN SHELL WAS FOUND The police reports show that CSI Marty Barrett picked up my shotgun and then kept it in his personal possession for 8 days when he submitted it as evidence. This is when he listed the four live shotgun shells that were loaded in my gun but their was NOT an empty shotgun shell! It wasn’t there because I hadn’t shot myself with my gun. TRIPWIRE LIE Detective Rosa Rodriguez stated under oath that a tripwire was found attached to my shotgun and that I had shot myself. She is the only police officer who mentions this mystery tripwire. Their are no pictures of a tripwire and their is no tripwire in evidence. CSI Marty Barrett stated he picked up my shotgun from my home but he doesn’t mention a tripwire. Lastly and most importantly, the evidence shows that I was NOT shot with my gun. Detective Rosa Rodriguez made up this lie and then swore to it under oath making a mockery of the court system. LARGE AMOUNT OF PLASTIC DEBRIS The surgeon stated on the operative report, “Their was a large amount of plastic and lead pellet debris.” That plastic wouldn’t be there if I had shot myself with my own gun which was a shotgun so
where did it come from? The excuse makers have tried to come up with some explanation to cover up this obvious murder attempt and they’ve said, “Yeah, but the wadding in a shotgun shell is plastic!” I would then point out that the ER doctor stated on a report that he removed the plastic wadding from the wound while I was in the emergency room before surgery. I remember the ER doctor saying that he removed something and it looked like he did but how could he remove the wadding if I wasn’t shot with a shotgun? Perhaps this was a slight of hand and some trickery like the X-RAYS that were proven to have been faked?

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My Comment: When I Attended Truck Driving School an alcoholic trucker openly admitted his primary reason for being there-TO GET A CDL TO DO HUMAN TRAFFICKING FROM MEXICO TO THE SOUTHERN U.S.A.

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